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The Hottest Trainers in America Share Their Favorite Fitness Moves!

On Shape.com last week, we were introduced to two of our favorite fitness lists of all time: The 50 hottest male personal trainers of 2024 and the 50 hottest female personal trainers of 2024. (Is it getting hot in here?!) Shape searched high and low across the country to find these fit and talented trainers and now readers get to vote for number one.

Of course, these hot and hard bodies are a lot more than just eye-candy. They’re highly trained fitness pros who could whip you (and me!) into shape in no time. In fact, why not get started right now? We got in touch with a couple of these featured trainers find out their favorite moves. Here’s what we found:

Dyson Salleh; Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan (see above) is a 33-year-old personal trainer in New York City. (You might recognize him from the pages of Men’s Health and Men’s Journal, among other magazines.) Per Shape.com, the married model and certified strength and conditioning specialist is definitely of the belief that working out together is super sexy. Uh, us too! (more…)

Formerly Fat Trainers: Do They Have an Advantage?

Imagine that you join a gym and sign up for sessions with a personal trainer. You’re overweight, inactive and a little insecure about working out in front of someone who is in tip-top shape. Would it help to know that your trainer was once in your shoes and completely understands what you’re going through?

Trainer Drew Manning thought so. He gained 70 pounds on purpose – just so he could empathize with his clients that were trying to lose weight. Yoga teacher Trina Hall did the same, gaining 40 pounds to better understand her heavier clientele. As Manning took the weight off, he learned that it wasn’t so easy to do all of the same exercises on his larger frame; and Hall confessed her self-esteem plummeted as a result. The whole process made them both learn the struggles of weight loss and just how challenging it can be.


When I first joined a gym ten years ago, I was about 40 pounds overweight with zero athletic ability. I felt a little uncomfortable working out in the gym (where I felt like everyone was in better shape than me). I managed to get over that pretty quickly and realized that I was there to get fit! Even though I got to a point where I felt comfortable running on the treadmill or riding a stationary bike, there was one thing that continued to intimidate me more than anything else: group cycling.

I could hear the classes going on while I was pounding away on a cardio machine and I’d see the people come out at the end covered in sweat. I was convinced that group cycling classes were for super fit, super thin folks only and that I had no place there. And then one day, I got the courage to take a class – and I loved it! It was definitely challenging and tough, but I made it. Taking group cycling classes not only helped me lose weight and get in shape, but it also made me realize how much I love group fitness. I loved it so much that I went on to get my Spinning certification and eventually became a personal trainer. (more…)

Retired NFL Players Adopt Retrofit as Official Weight Loss Plan

Working out everyday is required for professional athletes; staying in tip top shape is their job. But, what happens to athletes’ bodies, like professional football players, after their career is over? Some players try to live a normal life then start gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. It’s understandable how retired athletes can this weight after their career is over because they are no longer motivated by trainers and required to workout.

There’s now a very smart solution for retired NFL players. Retrofit has announced a formal partnership with the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), a move brought on by VP of business development Reggie Smith, a former player himself. He gained an unhealthy amount of weight after his football career ended, but with Retrofit has lost 70 pounds!

Nolan Harrison, NFLPA Senior Director of Former Player Services, comments on the new partnership, saying “The NFLPA is excited about the opportunity to partner with Retrofit. The partnership with Retrofit shows our commitment to strengthen and improve the health of our players once they leave the gridiron.” (more…)

Don’t Become Your Personal Trainer’s Biggest Nightmare

Too often, people rely on their personal trainers more than they should, thinking the trainer will do most of the work for us.

“Many trainers will be more than happy to collect your checks for years, but a good one will find the best way to educate you quickly, ensure you have developed healthy habits properly and then kick you out to do it on your own when you are ready,” said Kelly Turner, a Seattle-based personal trainer.

Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations going into their first session. They don’t realize it will take more than just that one session to get into shape and to learn healthy habits.

“A trainer’s job is not to lead you through workouts for the rest of your life. You should not have a trainer forever,” she continued. “A trainer’s job is to teach you how to exercise properly on your own.”

She says people tend to think the sessions are the only times they need to workout and they get frustrated when they don’t see results quickly. Turner says it’s important to apply what they’re learning to their everyday lives outside of the gym. “Most of the work is done when the trainer isn’t there.” (more…)