Retired NFL Players Adopt Retrofit as Official Weight Loss Plan

Working out everyday is required for professional athletes; staying in tip top shape is their job. But, what happens to athletes’ bodies, like professional football players, after their career is over? Some players try to live a normal life then start gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. It’s understandable how retired athletes can this weight after their career is over because they are no longer motivated by trainers and required to workout.

There’s now a very smart solution for retired NFL players. Retrofit has announced a formal partnership with the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), a move brought on by VP of business development Reggie Smith, a former player himself. He gained an unhealthy amount of weight after his football career ended, but with Retrofit has lost 70 pounds!

Nolan Harrison, NFLPA Senior Director of Former Player Services, comments on the new partnership, saying “The NFLPA is excited about the opportunity to partner with Retrofit. The partnership with Retrofit shows our commitment to strengthen and improve the health of our players once they leave the gridiron.”

The NFLPA is a union for all NFL players who look out for the players’ best interests and welfare. Players won’t just be healthy and fit when they are on the turf, but with the help of Retrofit players can stay healthy off the field as well.

Retrofit is composed of fitness experts who work closely with clients, like these former players, to help them lose at least 10% of their body weight by changing their eating and fitness habits. The big difference from other programs is the focus on the mental and behavior changes, too. Since the athletes are familiar with experts helping them maintain their fitness during their professional days, transitioning to Retrofit will be a seamless transition for the retired players.

The partnership would not have been possible without Smith, who said, “Our number one goal is to make our guys aware of the health issues out there and work proactively to help them make changes for the better. The best way to combat any problem is through education and hard work.”

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