The Lazy Person’s Guide to Finding the Best Workout Playlist


If you are anything like me, you love to run and workout, but you hate making playlists. Right? Every time I go for a run (which is almost every day, so you’d think I would learn), I always beat myself up for not creating my version of the perfect playlist. And then I got wise and realized that I don’t have to do anything for myself anymore! Smart phones are the best!

Here is the lazy man’s guide to making a great playlist:

I don’t have Pandora One, the Pandora subscription service, but a commercial every once in awhile doesn’t bother me that much. I used to run to “Today’s Hits,” until I discovered the workout lists. Try “80s Cardio,” if you are a Madonna / MJ gal, “Country Fitness,” if you are a honky tonk person, or, if you are sprinting, “Electronic Cardio.” All are great, super inspiring, and catered to your workout style!

Spotify is wonderful. User friendly, immediate, and no commercials! Try searching any workout terms to find the kind of playlist you prefer. My recommendaations? “R&B Workout” by Rhino Records, or “Songs to Work Out To” by EMI.
This app is the best because it uses its incredible intelligence to match the pace of your run to music from your own iTunes. Highly, highly recommended for runners with iPhones.

Follow your trainer!
Though less convenient than an app, one of my favorite ways to discover great new workout music is by Googling trainers’ recommendations. Fitness Magazine has a nice list of trainer approved playlists if you feel like adding some new flavor to your workout!

FIT Radio App
Lastly, if you feel like being kind of random, the FIT Radio Workout Music app (available for free for iPhones) simply plays great workout songs. You don’t have to think about it, and you can certainly switch anything you don’t like. Nonstop motivating tunes! Can’t argue with that.

Happy working out, everybody!

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