The Skinny on Muscle and Fat

Does muscle weigh more than fat? Well, there are two ways to look at this question.

Let’s take 10 pounds of fat versus 10 pounds of muscle. Ten pounds is 10 pounds, right? Yes. But, the 10 pounds of fat is much bulkier than the 10 pounds of muscle. Another way of looking at it is that a 10-pound pile of fat will take up more space than a 10-pound pile of muscle. So, more muscle would be needed to equal the space or volume of fat, thus making the pile of muscle weigh more.

That being said, let’s go into how muscle tissue and fat tissue are totally different. People often mistakenly think that doing crunches will turn the layer of fat into muscle. First off, there are three ways of losing weight (burning calories): diet, cardiovascular exercise, and weight training.

With your diet, you need to burn more calories than you eat (negative caloric intake). Cardiovascular exercise will burn calories and improve stamina and heart strength. Weight training will build muscle and burn calories at the same time. The more muscle (lean mass) that you have, the more calories you will burn throughout the entire day.

Women often fear the weight training process, because they are afraid of the bulking effect. Remember that muscle is less dense, burns calories (fat), and provides your body with a firmer look. If you diet properly and mix plenty of cardiovascular training with proper weight training, you will in no shape or form bulk up! If you have any questions along the lines of muscle versus fat, please feel free to comment, and good luck with your future workouts!

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