Use Brooklyn Decker’s Fat-Burning Secrets to Get in Shape for Summer

Actress and former Sports Illustrated cover model Brooklyn Decker has to be in swimsuit shape year round, but most of us only start to think bikini when the weather starts heating up. You can use Decker’s fat-burning secrets to shape up fast and feel confident on the beach this summer.

Decker has always been very vocal about her health and fitness, admitting that while she is blessed with good genes, she really has to work to keep her body in top form. Busy just like any Hollywood actress, Decker fits in dancing, running, and kayaking as exercise. Married to tennis star Andy Roddick, Decker has an athlete’s mentality, focusing on how strong she feels as opposed to how thin she looks.

“She is very coordinated and likes to push,” says her trainer Jade Alexis, who also worked with Decker to produce a workout DVD for Elle Magazine. “Brooklyn works hard and has fun while she’s at it.”

How can we learn from Decker’s routine? Alexis reveals that the secret to a strong, lean and feminine physique starts with a balanced, healthy diet.

“I’m not a fan of diets, so I encourage people to practice eating habits that can be maintained,” she says. “In an effort to lose weight, one might consider eating vegetarian or a vegan-based diet. Portion control is key. To maintain weight, it’s important to be consistent and don’t overeat.”

As for workouts, Alexis recommends a mix of cardio and strength training for the perfect combination. “Cardio will keep you lean,” Alexis advises, “[and] strength training will keep you strong and toned.”

Brooklyn Decker’s Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

To really burn fat, combine strength training and cardio together. The cardio will keep your heart rate up and burn major calories while the strength traning moves will build strong lean muscle in less time.

Equipment: Jump rope and an exercise mat

What to do: This workout lasts between 20- to 30-minutes and will work both your upper and lower body. Rest 30 to 60 seconds between each exercise. When you finish the last exercise, rest for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat. Complete five sets of the circuit total.

Step 1: Jump Rope (100 jumps)

Step 2: Burpees (10 reps)

Step 3: Jumping Jacks with 3-lb weights (25 reps)

Step 4: Mountain Climbers (10 reps)

Step 5: Squat Jumps (10 reps)

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