Victoria’s Secret Model May Lose Job for Being Too Thin

South African model Candice Swanepoel has been the center of attention recently due to her dramatic weight loss. The Victoria’s Secret model was seen at a L.A. fashion shoot wearing a bra and panties and her skeletal frame caused many to discuss if she’d been dieting excessively.

Victoria’s Secret models have long been the center of discussion, and the company has said in their contracts that they expect their models to be “healthy and muscular”.  A Victoria’s Secret modeling contract is reported to be the highest paying modeling job available, and although the model claims to be eating steak, if her weight drops any lower, she could lose her contract.

The 22-year old Swanepoel has admitted that she’s lost weight, but she claims that the drastic weight loss is due to excessive travel and the pressures of New York’s fashion week. Rochelle Sirota, a New York city dietitian, estimates Swanepoel’s weight to be close to 110 pounds, although her current model card lists her as wearing a size 8 dress. With a reported height as 5 foot 9 and a half, she could comfortably go up to 125 pounds and still be at a healthy, although lower than average,  weight.

Other Victoria’s Secret models have come forward to say that the company represents women of all shapes and sizes and that they prefer to showcase women with curves.

In order to gain weight, the model would have to reverse the commonly held diet advice to cut 500 calories a day. If she added the same amount back in, even if she kept her exercise the same, she could expect to gain a little weight back in a safe manner.

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