5 Ways to Think Small About Your Weight Loss

By Team Best Life

Bigger isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to weight loss, it’s often the small changes that end up tallying up to greater rewards. No wonder the idea of small victories is one of the hallmarks of the Best Life plan. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking small.

Say a word—or two.

Flexing your small-talk muscle can actually aid in maintaining your overall health. Social interactions have a lot of positives, including an elevated mood and reduced stress-hormone levels, that can keep you both emotionally and physically healthy, studies say. Not to mention, chatting it up can be an effective distraction from the buffet table or bar at most parties.

Lose just a little bit of weight.

Ten pounds might seem like nothing if your ultimate weight loss goal is significantly higher than that, but even a small reduction like that helps. Think about it—that’s 10 pounds less that your body has to support, which results in less strain on the knees and joints and fewer bouts of inflammation. Break up your bigger weight loss goal into smaller chunks—it can help you stay motivated.

Do lunch.

Changing lunch status from “optional” to “mandatory” may help boost weight loss, especially when you eat at high noon instead of having it as a mid-afternoon snack, according to studies. Brown bag it or find healthy lunch spots near you.

Add an hour to sleep.

Many of us subsist on just six hours of shuteye, but increasing that amount by just one hour, suggests the journal Sleep, can lower our risk for heart disease and keep us from succumbing to infections. (It’s also one less hour for eating!) Skip the late show and turn in earlier tonight.

Go 90 days without a cigarette.

OK, so quitting smoking is not a “little” shift, especially for addicted smokers. However, if you do manage to lose the habit, the difference your body will undergo in as few as 90 days is remarkable. Your blood moves more freely though your body, coughing improves, and your lungs function better. Best of all, chances that you’ll have a heart attack are lower.

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