Aishwarya Rai Pressured by Bollywood Fans to be Skinny after Baby

Celebrity pregnancies are a very popular topic right now. More than the new baby is the trending topic about the mother’s weight gain and her return to her previous figure. Jessica Simpson has been criticized for her weight gain while Beyonce has been praised for her red carpet figure just a few weeks after delivery. While inquiring minds like to dig into celebrity lives in America, the tabloids are mild here in comparison to those in Bollywood.

Aishwarya Rai is a famous Bollywood star. She’s been praised for her beauty and her perfection throughout her career. Rai, who is called Ash by fans, recently gave birth to her first child. Her fans and the press have been brutal towards her regarding her post-baby figure.

One commenter stated that, “She is a Bollywood actress and being a part of showbiz, it is her duty to look good and fit. Till now she has been praised for her beauty, so it is only fair that she should also be criticised if she is not able to live up to it.”

This and other even harsher comments are spread across the media regarding the new mother’s larger frame. Those who defend Ash have pointed out the unrealistic standard that the masses expect her to live up to.

“Step one, look like a stick insect with a perfect baby bump for nine months. Step two, squeeze out spawn, and head straight for the gym and/or operating theatre. And step three, step out on the red carpet looking radiantly under-nourished within a month of delivery a la Angelina Jolie, Posh Spice, Beyonce et al,” said

As other Ash supporters have stated, she is on a professional break, and her looks shouldn’t have any bearing on her celebrity. This excuse didn’t fly with most commentators in Bollywood as they are only giving her one year to get back to perfection.

“One year down the line, if you want to have a debate whether she looks the way she used to, then that’s fine.”

This obsession with unnaturally skinny pregnant women is bad enough in the US. It has officially been given a name as of late, pregorexia. Eating disorder specialists are warning that many women are under the pressure to not gain too much weight during their pregnancy and what little they do gain they need to lose quickly after. This issue is clearly even worse for those in the limelight of Bollywood.

True supporters of Aishwarya are urging the media to back off as “She’s enjoying her life and her new baby, and doesn’t give a damn about what the rest of us think of her or her body. And that’s good reason for all women – pregnant or not – to celebrate.”

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