America Votes for the Biggest Loser Final Three: Jay or Irene?

Irene vs. jayThe last position in the final three on The Biggest Loser goes to the contestant who’s won over the viewers’ hearts. In season 11, America must choose between Irene Alvarado and Jay Jacobs, a tough choice. Sisters Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee are safe after an impressive season of consistent weight loss.

Jay made a big comeback on the ranch after being eliminated in week seven. He’s proved his determination in the face of adversity. On the other hand, Irene lost her teammate and support system when her mother was eliminated in the very first week. She also struggled with self-esteem issues, but managed to work though her emotional challenges to become the first woman to lose over 100 pounds in this season. Will Irene make the cut for the first all-female finale? Or will Jay edge Irene out?

We’re taking an unofficial poll–to see who’s ahead among DietsInReview readers!

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Be sure to cast your official vote at NBC.

Obviously, you won’t want to miss the live finale next week. DietsInReview will be there with Mark Pinhasovich to talk to all of the contestants about their amazing weight-loss journeys, so after the show be sure to check our site for exclusive interviews.

We at DietsInReview want to congratulate each of the final four for making it this far in the competition and inspiring many around the country.

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