Anna Kournikova’s Diet and Workout Routine

Anna Kournikova playing tennis in whiteBiggest Loser fans are buzzing with speculations that tennis star Anna Kournikova will be replacing Jillian Michaels on the next season of The Biggest Loser. Weather or not this rumor proves to be true, Kournikova certainly seems to be in great shape. So what is Kournikova’s approach to staying thin?

Unlike Jillian Michaels, who was once heavy and went through the struggle of weight loss, Kournikova is naturally tall and thin. But she doesn’t necessarily eat whatever she wants. “All in moderation. I try to eat a balanced diet but do not deprive myself of the occasional splurge,” she writes in the Question and Answer forum on her website. “I like plain Corn Flakes. My favorite meal really depends on what mood I am in but over all I could eat pizza anytime.” She adds that she likes all kinds of salads and raw veggies, but also enjoys the occasional indulgence. “If I am going to have something that rich I would rather have a good piece of cake.” Kournikova says she even goes to McDonald’s from time to time.

Of course, Kournikova also spends a lot of time doing physical activities, whether it’s practicing on the tennis court or hitting the gym. She says she typically works out for one to two hours each day. “I try to do a mixture of strength training and cardio each day. The length of time depends on how much time I have and what events I have coming up.” She likes to start her day with a workout, and likes to jog and use the elliptical. Kournikova also works on injury prevention, because she still has lingering problems with an old injury that makes it difficult for her to play singles.

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