BabyCakes Bakery: The Cookbook Giveaway!

** UPDATE: Contest Over! Congrats to Hil’lesha & Stacey on winning the babycakes cookbooks. Hil’lesha won a special edition signed by Erin Mckenna**

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Natural Health Newsletter we are giving away a signed copy of the just released Babycakes cookbook.

Babycakes is a famous New York City bakery that makes baked goods using alternative and healthy ingredients while keeping all the yummy taste you would expect from a cupcake, chocolate chip cookie or even banana chip loaf.

Entering is easy, just sign up for our Natural Health Newsletter and leave a comment below with one of your favorite sweet treats for your chance to win. Already a subscriber? Email Amy your sweet treat entry (email details in your May issue of the Natural Health Newsletter).

All entries must be received by June 15th. The winner will be announced in the June issue. To sign up for the newsletter use the form below:

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35 Responses to BabyCakes Bakery: The Cookbook Giveaway!

Emily C says:

My favorite sweet treat? Prunes, funny enough. I’ve loved them since I was a kid–so much juicier than raisins and I don’t feel guilty about popping a few.

Nancy says:

Orange dreamcycle cupcakes!

lynn says:

anything with dates or figs….mmmmm

Bonnie Day says:

my favorite treat is my homemade cheesecake

wendy wallach says:

one of my favorite sweet treats are brownies.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Hillary Fairchild says:

my favorite is homeade caramel brownies. Yummm! Thanks for the contest!

sami says:

my favorite treat is Cheesecake, I love all kind of Cheesecake! I could eat it the whole day

Maureen says:

I love brownies with chocolate frosting. I love Tiramisu as well.

Irina says:

I love brownies and cupcakes!

Nicole Dzuba says:

My favorite sweet treat is Tiramisu!

Mishia says:

I love pb brownies

Monica says:

My favorite sweet treat is delicious chocolate rice ice cream swirled with peanut butter 🙂

lorena hodges says:

I love pies. My favorites are fruit pies, but also chocolate and banana cream pies.

HilLesha says:

I love Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie. 🙂

Heather says:

I love peanut butter brownies!

Dianne says:

chocolate pie is a favorite

liz says:

I love sweets. I grew up in a household where my mother cooked dinner & made desserts every night, so as a dietitian and an adult, I have found that I can still incorporate desserts into my lifestyle & not worry about my weight. I have so many “favorites”, but I must say that ther is not a tiramasu that I can not pass up!

janice says:

chocolate vanilla pudding. Definitely. 🙂

Stacey says:

I am a diabetic pastry chef. One of my favorite desserts is carrot cake. I like it because it is full of healthy ingredients and tastes good too!

ireneagh says:

My fav is homemade cheseecake with berries! YAMMY! 🙂

Amy says:

Thank you all so much for sharing your sweet treats and desserts…I’m definitely inspired to get baking 🙂

Entries for the giveaway have now officially closed and the winner will be listed in the June issue of the Natural Health Newsletter. If you have submitted an entry but have not signed up, make sure you do to find out if you are a winner. Sign up is at the bottom of page!!

Best in Health,

Amy says:

Hi All – Great news! The entries have continued to flood in and I didn’t have the heart to turn any of these sweet treats away 🙂 With that said we are keeping the contest open right up until the 15th of June when the winner will be revealed in the June issue of the Natural Health Newsletter. Please make sure to sign up so you can find out if you are the winner.

PS…..I got in touch with our friends over at babycakes and was able to get Erin Mckenna to autograph the winner’s cookbook!!

Lisa says:

I love any and all dessert, but I really really love anything peanut butter-chocolate! Or chocoalte chip cookie dough (gluten-free and vegan of course) 🙂 So excited for the Babycakes book, woo hoo!

jennifer says:

red velvet cheesecake!!!!

Renee G says:

My favorite sweet treat is rhubarb cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

susan ca says:

my favourite swet treat is warm apple crumble.. with extra apple and extra crumble! =p~~

spatel says:

the brownie cupcake is the best!!

Jessica says:

I love Strawberry Shortcake – I’ve had an amazing version at Momofuku Ssam and Pure food & Wine too just last night! Babycakes’ jam filled biscuits are pretty amazing too!!!

maren says:

id love to win the cookbook! my favorite is the carrot cake cupcake!!!

Lesley says:

Soy Creamy mango vanilla “ice cream” from Trader Joe’s!

elizabeth says:

i would love to get this cookbook!! i love their “skinny buns”

Elise says:

Brownie sundaes!!

AS says:

ANYTHING with chocolate!

nico says:

babycakes = *swoon*

My favorite dessert is…a baked banana with chocolate chips and cinnamon and caramelized brown sugar and Earth Balance! yum!

Amy says:

Congratulations to our two winners Hil’Lesha and Stacey the diabetic pastry chef for winning their very own copy of the BabyCakes cookbook, and thank you to all of you for the VERY yummy submissions, maybe next giveaway I’ll have to ask for the actual recipes too 🙂

Make sure to keep reading the Natural Health Newsletter each month for eating and living healthy and you never know, you might be the winner for a future giveaway.

Best in health,

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