Big Ass Salads and 7 More Reasons We Love The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti Diet Book


Finally, there’s a BS-free way to lose weight, or get fit, or just live a generally healthier lifestyle. There’s no potion or powder. There’s no pyramid-style marketing scheme. You don’t have to do anything other than buy The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet book, which releases today, and listen to the guidance provided by these really awesome gals who also happened to be well-educated experts.fbg anti diet

If a diet or weight loss book has come out since 2024, I’m telling you I’ve seen it. I’m the managing editor of the largest diet review site online; nearly 3,000 reviews later I’ve seen it all! So when I tell you that the FBG’s Anti-Diet is a must-have, must-read, no-nonsense, straight-talking book about living and feeling well, then you must believe me.

Anyone can publish a weight loss book. 50 Cent, Alicia Silverstone, and the like have all done it. They bring with them a lot of ghost-written anecdotal experience. What Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead deliver in their new book is a heap of certifications, practical experience, and scientifically-supported evidence that every woman can identify with. Best of all, they can apply it! Ten minutes is all these anti-dieters are asking of you. Whether that’s ten minutes to prep a meal, move your body, or lift your spirits, they’ve written the definitive guide on making the best use of all that time you think you don’t have.

So why do we love it so much? If you’ve ever spent even ten minutes on the Fit Bottomed Girls suite of sites, you’ll know there’s a voice and a candor there that is inclusive, energetic, and easy going. It’s that voice you’ll hear throughout this fun read. But that’s not all we love.

Eight Reasons You’ve Got Ten Minutes for The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet:

1. Big Ass Salads!

Yeah, we said it. So did they. There’s a two-week meal plan loaded with food you’ll actually want to eat and have time to make. Right there in black and white it says Big Ass Salad, one of our favorite entrees. These salads are the size of “your small pet” and have everything in them but the kitchen sink. They even include an official Big Ass Salad and Dressing recipe on page 284.

2. Friends References!

Enough said.


3. Living the 80/20 Rule!

We love some moderation, and so do our FBG friends. They’ve got a simple equation (yes it’s math but it’s really easy, we swear!) to figure out how many times each week you can have French fries, or gravy, or a slice of pizza. You’ll learn to balance all of the foods you should be eating with the foods you want to be eating.

4. 10-Minute Fixes!

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t have ten minutes. Seriously! The FBGs remind you of this and make it ridiculously easy to crack open the book to the grey-tinted pages and spend ten minutes doing something good for you. Bust out a balance pose, revel in some affirmations, or make a healthy snack — they’re all things you can do in less time than it takes to find a Netflix documentary to watch.

5. Reality TV Drinking Games!

Yep, these girls even let you indulge in the guiltiest pleasure out there – but there’s no booze! Whether watching the Real Housewives or March Madness, they’ve outlined a drinking game-style workout that has you moving every time someone cries, gets bleeped, throws a free throw, or steals a base.

6. They Explain it All!

Ten different kinds of lunges? They explain the differences. Pilates and yoga look exactly the same? They’ll break it down. The point is, there is a lot to know and they ease you in to the minutiae so you understand exactly what it means to and for you.

7. Feel all the Feels!

They ask you to face yourself head on. Through affirmations, meditations, and exercises that put you face to face to what you perceive as being your worst, you’ll grow a stronger, healthier self image. And when that lights on fire, well, the rest of your body has no choice but to come along!

8. Food That’s Fun!

Did we mention Big Ass Salads? You can also get recipes for Brinner, Happy Trails Mix, and Nachos that won’t break the calorie bank. This is real food ya’ll, food you want to eat, food you’ll crave. Fit Bottomed Girls own a website called Fit Bottomed Eats — don’t think they are taking short cuts at chow time!

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