Biggest Loser 2nd Place – Mike Morelli

mike-morelli-biggest-loserNo one was sure until the last minute who America would vote to compete as a finalist in the Biggest Loser 7 finale. Between Mike Morelli and his dad Ron Morelli, America chose to send the show’s youngest player ever to compete against winner Helen Phillips and Tara Costa. Mike’s been an inspiration to young and old, and with a 207 pound total weight loss, there’s no doubt he’ll continue to be that.

Mike’s final weight was 181 pounds, down 53.35%. He’s anxious to begin college in the fall, and he continues to lend support to his younger brother Max.

Mike Morelli Joins as Biggest Loser Correspondent


23 Responses to Biggest Loser 2nd Place – Mike Morelli

Cheri says:

Too bad Mike, If you and your dad wouldn’t have stabbed Kristen in the back, you would have won….how much…Oh yeah $ 250,000.00..
Too bad…

Brooke says:

You won! Just because Helen won the prize money doesn’t mean anything. I pulled for you the entire time. I think you showed your true self and played the game exactly the way I would have and as of the earlier comment on Kristen she wouldn’t of won anyway she couldn’t win the at home prize she wouldn’t of won the big prize. I liked her but it was true. Hope you keep us posted on how you are doing.

I was so proud of the big changes that Mike!! 🙂 Way to Gooo!!
I have lost 100 pounds and know how hard they all had to work to make their goals come true!!
I think it’s that so many had such amazing changes!! Great Season!!

boo says:

You should have won. At least you didn’t cheat your way to victory.

Kathy says:

It does not matter, what they did… They did awesome, both loving each other, to push, to believe, they did it…. I do feel that Helen is doing something to win though…. Does not look so good… Kristen looked awesome…. Old Grandpa wow he can lift, means muscle tone. so glad he won…. Ron I hope that you continue to help son Max, he deserve to also win…. Good Luck Morelli Family

nancy says:

Way to go Mike!! You are a winner no matter that Helen wonthe money, you are such a insperation to everyone and especially for your brother Max.

Debbie says:

Mike, I watched you from the beginning and cheered you and your Dad the whole show. My son died 2 years ago and you remind me of him very much.The transformation was amazing to watch for you and your Dad both. I applaud Ron & Cathy for putting their children’s needs BEFORE their own. Helen may have won but she threw Shannon under the bus to satisfy her own selfish needs. Your Dad is awesome and I hope you and he both help Max. I am praying for him.
Mike you are a great person who has inspired a whole nation.God bless you and your entire family.

Amielia says:

Your so cute Mike<3
I haveee a LIKING for him<3

Juliana says:

Mike, you are sooo adorable. I love your motivation and your determination, great job!
im sure you have a million girls wanting to meet you now… a million 🙂
you are such a sweet guy and im so proud of you!

sue says:

Way to go Mike you are a true class act. You are a winner in all of America’s eyes!!

KEN says:

mikeeeee teach me how to lose my remaining 20 lbs!

Joey says:

Way to go Helen. No one ever thought you would of won the 09 biggest loser. Mike himself took you to the finale because he didn’t see you as a threat. Good to see you prove everyone wrong. Mike, good work hope all goes well for you and your brother, however I didn’t like the way your farther went about eliminating Kristen. Lastly, week 17 you and your father said you were going to win.
Never underestimate anyone mate ! haha

chris says:

Mike, you’re awesome. What you’ve overcome is unbelievable. I don’t know you from ‘adam’, but just know that there was this girl from Philly that lives on the coast in NC, and she was pulling for you and your dad from the beginning. Your story moved me, and to see what you’ve accomplished, well, it’s just awesome.

Good luck to you sweetheart, you’re going to accomplish great things, the world truly is your oyster. I admire you, I’m so happy for you and your father and I wish you the best.

ps. you have bloomed into a gorgeous young man – killer smile Mike : )

babs says:

come on people……backstabbing? voting your daughter off? It was a game! I personally wanted Mike to win, but they all deserved it. I just felt that each of the finalists had experienced a decent weight but Mike and he looks amazing! You are incredibly handsome and now you can enjoy it. What you won is better than money!

Si says:

BABS you are right on. PEOPLE it is GAME. Some one has to win and a lot of other have to lose. You can’t cheat the scale. Either you lose the weight or you don’t.

Penelope says:

WOW is all i can say. Mikey you should have won! you were the won i wanted to win from the start. Whoa u turned in to a hottie too! as for helen, she looks so gross. i bet she used diet pills. and tara looks so amazing too. Mikey i wish you won, congrats to your accomplishments!

Vicki says:

mike you look fantastic and i wish you luck for being a doctor in the future =] (although I’m a year older) you are a great kid that never would give up and you’ve inspired your younger peers to always remember to eat healthy and that just put a smile on my face. hope you will continue inspiring your younger peers.
sincerely from, Vicki

tracy says:

i am inspired by you and your dad. you are truly a good person. you are a good son. and I can see why your dad is so proud of you.
thanks for letting us be apart of your journey!

Michelle says:

Mike, Great job! As a fellow Michiganian, who also has lost a lot of weight recently, I am very proud of you :0)

jimbo jones says:

hey mike i heard you were already getting fat again….of course youll put it on just like everybody else….you guys were not special now you get to flop in front of the world ..later bud

Jennfer says:

Mike I was rooting for you the entire show. all that hard work paid off! What an amazing transformation! I love your smile! Don’t forget everything that you learned on the biggest loser. Good Luck in college.

Ting Ting Liu says:

Mike, to me, you are the real winner:) i hope everything goes well for you in college! and i hope you and your dad, Ron, will do great things to help your dearest brother, Max! I am very proud of you mike:] keep up the good work!


Mike, you are a real winner. I’m a 66 year old “grandma” and you reminded me of my 21 year old grandson, not in weight but that great smile! You had my vote the entire season. It was amazing to watch you grow and mature during the show and such a compassionate young man. I pray that you keep it off and may your dreams come true. what an inspiration to our youth! God bless you.

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