Biggest Loser 3rd Place – Tara Costa

tara-costa-biggest-loserGoing in to the Biggest Loser 7 finale, Tara Costa was as close as you get to a sure thing. She was an immediate competitor on the Biggest Loser ranch, winning a record-breaking 12 challenges and losing 135 pounds while on campus, more than any other woman in the show’s history. However, last night, Helen Phillips swept the win out from underneath her.

Tara has reason to celebrate regardless, she lost an amazing 155 pounds, currently weighing a slender 139 pounds.

4 Responses to Biggest Loser 3rd Place – Tara Costa

Heidi says:

Everyone loves Daniel So great His hard work is saving his life!!!

Michelle says:

I was surprised that Tara didn’t win as she was always winning the challenges on BL. But, you’re right, she DOES have reason the celebrate. She looks great, she’s very happy and she is a newlywed.
She may not be the biggest loser but she is a big winner anyway :0)

Harmony says:

I was sad that Tara lost, but she should not have abused the thyroid pills.

Ron says:

Tara’a is a newly wed? The guy has more patience then me with all of mood swings and drama.

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