Biggest Loser 7 Finale Recap

Two underdogs pulled through to take the Biggest Loser title, Helen Phillips, and the at-home prize winner, Jerry Hayes. It was one of the most exciting finales yet, with a lot to pack into the three-hour live event.

biggest loser 7 finaleIn addition to seeing the newest winners take their places in Biggest Loser history, we were also introduced to one of the newest contestants for the upcoming Biggest Loser season 8, Amanda. Sione and Filipe gave us one last taste of their Tongan culture, by performing the Maori Haka war chant, which got the entire crowd buzzing with adrenaline.

As the Biggest Loser closes another season, we know more of you are inspired to make the same changes in your own life. Good luck in your own weight loss journey, or let us know what steps you’ve already taken to get there!


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webgoddess says:

It was nice to see Bob and Tiffany from BL-AU there. While I did quite like Season 7 of TBL, I think that Season 4 of BL-AU was more interesting than the US version this year.

Bob from AU was beyond awesome, losing something like 82 kilos in two months. And he didn’t look undernourished like this year’s $100k winner, Jerry.

Michelle says:

I just LOVED this season’s BL. It was one of the best season’s ever.

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