Biggest Losers Run Marathon – Week 18 Recap

The contestants are back on the ranch for one last week before the finale. The contestants view videos about themselves from their first days on the ranch, and are able to reflect back to see how far they have come. When the tears dried up, it was time to get back to reality and head home. Each contestant goes back to their own home state to a welcome party where they will reveal themselves and weigh-in in front of their family and friends. As they each do this, a surprise video from Alison comes on the screen, and she shares that each of the final four will be running the Biggest Loser Marathon in just one month.

As each contestant adjusts back into normal life, they must focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all while training for their marathon and next weigh-in. In order to keep them on track, Bob and Jillian make visits at each of the contestant’s homes in order to check in. This is a great opportunity for the trainers to make sure each of the final four is staying focused and continuing to lose weight.

Marathon day starts off cold and rainy, not the ideal conditions for a 26.2 mile run, but I’d think it is definitely better then a hot, humid, and sunny day. As the race begins, Daris George breaks away and leads the group. At the half way point, he is met by Matt Hoover, the season 2 winner. Koli Palu maintains second place for the entire race, and is eventually met by season 7’s Sione Fa. Ashley Johnston and Michael Ventrella stick together through most of the race, and at mile 13 meet with Ali Vincent and Mike Morelli. The contestants take the support they can get from these inspiring past contestants. Daris finishes with an unbelievable record time of 04:02, Koli at 06:08, and Michael and Ashley at 06:26.

As the weigh-in begins, tensions build high. Michael loses an astonishing 23 pounds, Koli lost 13 pounds, Ashley lost 18 pounds, and unfortunately for Daris, he gained two pounds. I truly think that Daris was so focused on the marathon that he lost focus on his own personal weight loss. With America’s vote, either Daris or Koli will make it into the final 3 along with Michael and Ashley. With no personal reasons involved, I am hoping Daris is voted in because I truly think he has a genuine heart and is going to make us all proud at next week’s live finale.

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