Bike to Work Day is May 20th

Friday, May 20th is Bike to Work Day, so dust the cobwebs off of your bicycle, strap on a helmet and pedal your way to better health.

The mornings are heating up as summer approaches so take advantage and ride your bike to and from work this Friday. Biking can burn up to 500 calories an hour, depending on your size, so you can easily fit in a killer workout while you commute.

Biking is the perfect way to exercise. While it’s a great cardiovascular and lower body workout you can do in the great outdoors, it is also a cheap, green and fast form of transportation. Bicyclists can ride right with traffic, sometimes faster, and eliminates the need to search for parking, pay for gas and pollute the air.

If you have never biked to work before, be sure to map a safe route ahead of time and schedule it out to make sure you aren’t late. If your commute is on the long side, pack your business clothes, if you need them, in a bag to change into once you arrive. Don’t forget your helmet, a bottle of water and make sure you’ve got a light if any leg of your commute takes place in the dark.

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