Dancing with the Stars Contestants Lose Weight, Gain New Life Perspective

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Each season, we watch contestants on Dancing with the Stars undergo major transformations and this season was no different. Kendra Wilkinson may not have won the competition but she did win back her pre-baby body and a whole new perspective on life.

Before DWTS, Wilkinson was somewhere between a size two and four. By no stretch of the term was she overweight, but she hadn’t quite reclaimed her Playboy physique. Wilkinson is happy to report that after competing on DWTS, she’s back to a size zero. Most well-known as the sporty ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner from Girls Next Door, Wilkinson has always been very active. In 2023, when she had her son with husband Hank Baskett , she gained a whopping 60 pounds (don’t worry Kendra, you’re not the only one in that boat!)

As many of us know, losing 60 pounds isn’t easily done. Wilkinson credits her freshly-sculpted body to a combination of Ab Cuts, dancing and a diet of natural foods, rich in fruits and vegetables.

Wilkinson has more than her sexy body to be happy about. After accepting sixth place on Dancing with the Stars, she wasn’t at all disappointed about her elimination. In fact, she took nothing but positivity from the experience. She told Parade, “I had the most amazing time, but after seven weeks of being on Dancing With the Stars, it actually made me think about real life. I know what true love is now — and that’s of course my son and my husband. Every now and then it’s cool to get dressed up and glamorous, but at the end of the day, I love what’s real and what’s real is family. That’s what makes me happy. That’s who I am. I’m so happy that I get to be a mom again!”

Wilkinson isn’t the only one to make major changes on DWTS season 12. While Kirstie Alley wouldn’t tell Entertainment Weekly how much she lost, she did say that she’s down to a (rather snug) size six dress. Alley has publicly fought with her weight for years and reportedly lost weight while on DWTS by sticking to a low calorie diet- very low calorie.

Although 1,400 calories a day isn’t dangerously low by most standards, when one is completing upwards of five hours of intense activity each day, that energy is depleted quickly. A sure sign that Alley needed to increase her calorie intake was when she nearly face-planted off the stage mid-performance. She told Entertainment Weekly, “That rehearsal day was long, like seven hours or something. I didn’t realize I had forgotten to eat … Usually what I do to lose weight, I eat 1,400 calories, but I guess if I’m working out five or seven hours then you have to change it around a little bit.” Maybe she should take a look at the Diets in Review Health Calculator.

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