Diet and Fitness Secrets of Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, and Other Sexy Celebs

We’re always attuned to what’s going on in the celebrity realm, especially when it’s relating to diet and fitness. It’s kind of our thing, after all.

In a recent interview with health contributors Joy Bauer and Jill Martin, The Today Show gave the insider scoop on the diet and fitness habits of some of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, including Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson.scarlett johanssen

One beauty on the list is 27-year-old Scarlett Johansson, who recently starred in the Blockbuster hit the ‘Avengers.’ The shapely star kept her curves in check for the film, having only six weeks to get in tip-top shape. To do so she worked with a trainer as well as her stunt double, and relied on dumbbells and resistance bands during her circuit training sessions three to four times a week.

During training, Johansson followed a mostly vegan diet, meaning no animal products, meat, or dairy. But every once in a while she would give into some of her favorite turkey chili, and one of her favorite dessert – dairy free oatmeal cookies. Bauer says even when she’s indulging, the star manages to wiggle in a few healthy components.

Also known for her curvy figure is 42-year-old singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. The star has managed to maintain her weight and figure for years in the entertainment industry, which she more recently attributes to chasing around her young twins. But it also doesn’t hurt that she’s going on tour with Enrique Iglesias soon where she’ll be doing lots of dancing.

Lopez’s number one diet don’t? Drinking soda. She even claims it’s the secret to keeping her tight and toned legs.

When it comes to her diet approach as a whole, Lopez believes it’s always important to have a goal in place to have something to strive toward. For the multi-talented star, nothing is off limits – not even sweets. Bauer says she eats everything but she has a great resolve. When indulging in her favorite chocolate chip cookies for instance, she stops at just one or two. If we could all be so committed!

Don’t forget about the boys. Matthew McConaughey also made the list, as he’s playing a former stripper in his upcoming film ‘Magic Mike.’ It’s no secret that the down-home star likes to break a sweat every day, but he always prefers to do so outside and not at a gym. Martin says he utilizes non-traditional equipment like a 45-pound rock to do weight lifting moves, and even a child’s swing set to do push-ups.

It also doesn’t hurt that McConaughey loves to cook, and is reportedly a pro with a spice rack. Bauer says he makes family dinners most nights, working a lot with fish and chicken. To switch up the menu and keep things interesting, McConaughey explores all kinds of ethnic cuisine including Italian, Mexican and Greek. The actor also keeps it healthy in the beverage department, opting for light beer when he can to shave off more than 150 calories per beverage.

What great celebrity dish! We hope you found these diet and fitness insights to be helpful, and it inspires you to channel your inner celebrity when it comes to your health. Now go forth and be beautiful.

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