Do Yoga, Breathe Easier

yoga-poseYoga is a wonderful alternative to traditional Western exercise routines. The many benefits have been well documented here at DietsInReview. Yet, there’s more. According to research presented this week at the 56th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in Seattle, people can breathe easier when they do yoga.

After 10 weeks of yoga, people with asthma found relief from their symptoms.

The study followed 20 people between 20 and 65. They were all beginners at yoga. The subjects did yoga with an instructor for an hour, twice a week. They were also asked to do a half-hour session at home each week.

The key point came when poses were practiced during deep breathing. According to lead researcher Amy Bidwell, M.S., this replicates the stress of an oncoming asthma attack.

“I have a number of friends with asthma,” says Bidwell. “Many have side effects from taking medications such as corticosteroids. The main question was whether or not we could reduce their need for medication and improve their quality of life.”

“Modern medicine carries many side effects,” she said. “This is especially true with corticosteroids, which many asthmatics take for quick relief. Yoga is an excellent alternative because there are no side effects. It’s a natural, holistic discipline that can benefit a person’s body in many ways.”

(via: Medical News Today)

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