Hoopnotica’s Hula Workouts Resonate with Men and Women Alike

Jen and Keith Moore never thought they’d be professional hula hoopers.

But when Keith was laid off in 2024, leaving the the Moore’s and their three children to live off $200 a week, a hula hoop changed their life.


“Keith and I were looking for a lifestyle change. We had always had problems with our weight. We weren’t obese per se, but we emotionally ate and felt mentally obese,” said Jen. When Jen saw advertisements for the Hoopnotica exercise device, she saved up, bought the hoop, and has been addicted ever since.

“Keith thought it was just another exercise fad,” said Jen, “but he finally caught on and was an intuitive hooper.” Through hooping and eating right, the Moores lost a combined 270 pounds.

Keith’s natural hula hoop intuition is a common bond shared with Hoopnotica adopters. Everyone remembers hula hooping as a kid, and the muscle memory developed in childhood seems to return with ease. “Hooping is so accessible and low-impact,” said Jen. Even if hooping is like riding a bike or tying you shoes, people are still skeptical about hopping in a hoop and hulaing.

A Hoopnotica hoop is not your eight-year-old’s hoop. “Traditional hooping is like trying to jump into a girls Barbie Jeep and trying to drive it,” said Jen. “The adult hoop is one and a half pounds, and allows the body to sustain gyration in a controlled, graceful way.”

The average hoop is 42″ in diameter, and standing up, should rest between the belly button and sternum. People tend to think that the bigger the person, the bigger the hoop should be. “If someone has a lot of weight to lose, they’ll need to start with a larger hoop. It’s basic physics.”

The L.A.-based company promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle and makes no outlandish weight loss claims. “People want to do extreme things to lose weight quickly,” said Jen. “But it all comes down to what you put in your mouth.” When Jen began the program, she would hoop for 15 minutes a day and began eating healthy. She lost 12 pounds the first month and 25 pounds after two.

Jen and Keith are now employed with Hoopnotica as Master Trainers. They teach classes at their hula studio in Upstate New York and have appeared on the Today Show and The Doctors show. It’s starting to become a fashionable and trusted exercise tool for celebrities.

“It’s fantasically organic how people are drawn to Hoopnotica,” said Jen.

kelly osbourne hoopnotica

While Jen says the company doesn’t have any celebrity endorsements, Kelly Osbourne recently appeared on the cover of SELF Magazine with her Hoopnotica hoop and mentioned how she’d rather have a hula party at home than go to the club. Celebs like Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, and Michelle Obama have been spotted with hoops recently, too.

No matter your weight loss goals, the Hoopnotica program is the perfect way to get active and spark a healthy lifestyle. The childlike nature and whimsy of hula hooping is accessible to people of all shapes and sizes—even pregnant women. With their message of a balanced, healthy, and active lifestyle, Hoopnotica will surely continue to inspire people to grab life by the hoop.

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