Hot Fitness Trends for Summer 2023: 6 Props Your Workout is Missing

You know that feeling when you’re caught between wanting to do your regular thing and the desire to try something new? If so, Shape Magazine’s 15 upcoming fitness trends are perfect for you. Most of these trends take something we know and love and combine it with something a little different. For example, the fitness class “Groove” has all the elements of a dance-based workout, but instead of doing the same intricate movements as everyone else, you’re invited to move however the music makes you.

This fitness with a twist trend carries over to fitness props too. A lot of classes are using ho-hum props in new ways or using brand new props to fill a void. Here are 5 we can’t wait to try:

ugi ball The Ugi Ball
A relative newcomer to the fitness world, the Ugi ball is used as a kind of blend between a medicine ball and a physio ball, and is a great tool for a full-body workout. It’s used as part of a 30-minute routine combining strength, cardio, and core training.

rowingRowing Machines
Rowing machines certainly aren’t a new invention, but they are fairly new to the mainstream fitness world. Nowadays, you can find a rowing class almost everywhere, which is good news for anyone looking for a low-impact, full-body workout.

zumba step

Zumba Step
Looking like a relic from aerobics classes of years past, the Zumba Step ramps up the cardio element to a Zumba class. By moving off and on the step in addition to dancing to the music, you’ll be adding strength to your legs and glutes.
drumsticks Drumsticks
A 45-minute workout that can burn up to 900 calories!? It sounds almost too good to be true, but it’s what you can get from some workouts featuring the use of drumsticks. They can be used without drums, but some classes will have you beating on garbage cans “Stomp”-style while you exercise.
bodyblade Bodyblade
This flexible piece of metal may not look like much, but it definitely makes you work. Muscle groups like your abs, shoulders, or chest are targeted, depending on the direction the blade is moving and the position of your body. A Bodyblade workout can help with coordination, flexibility, posture, and muscle definition.


Weighted Ropes
Workouts designed around these long, heavy ropes are sure to have your arms and core burning. Getting the ropes to undulate is an effective full-body workout and it can be done by pretty much anyone from gym newbies to seasoned pros.

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