Hungry Girl’s Cookbook

Hungry GirlI don’t know about you, but I have waited so long for a cookbook like this. In Lisa Lillien’s “Hungry Girl’s Cookbook“, she takes decadent eats like brownies, pasta-dishes, and sandwiches and shows you how to very simply make them low-fat and very low in calories. Her tricks are numerous: using pureed pumpkin in baked goods in lieu of oil and eggs, adding shirataki noodles (low-cal and low-carb tofu noodles) to make soups, pasta dishes and more, and using light vanilla soy milk in place of cream or milk.

The names of her dishes are just as colorful as the recipes: “rockin & choppin taco salad,” “fancy schmancy oatmeal,” “my big fat greek pita,” and “lord of the onion rings.” Whatever your craving is, the Hungry Girl has got it covered for you.

Also in the book are fun tips on how to snack and eat on the road, in the office, or at the movies without jeopardizing your jean size. The great thing about this book is that Lisa’s recipes are healthy, full of fiber and they are not meager! With a reliance on veggies, lean protein and sneaky replacements, you don’t have to worry that this cookbook will serve you up mouse-sized portions that lead you to raid the fridge when dinner is over.

For $17.95, you can’t beat this book! It’s creative, delicious and so much fun!

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