Interview with Helen Phillips — Biggest Loser Winner

helen-biggest-loser-winnerBiggest Loser season 7 is all over, and Helen Phillips was crowned its victor. Helen is the third female Biggest Loser, and the third consecutive winner from the pink team. She entered the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 257 pounds, and for her final weigh-in showed off a stunning new body weighing 117 pounds. Her total loss of 140 pounds, with 54.47% lost, put her ahead of fellow finalists Tara Costa and Mike Morelli.

Watch Coleen’s interview with Helen live from the Biggest Loser 7 finale now!

Helen Biggest Loser Milk Mustache AdStay tuned for more footage live from the finale, including Coleen’s interview with the newest at-home winner, 64-year-old Jerry Hayes!


36 Responses to Interview with Helen Phillips — Biggest Loser Winner

Nutrimetry says:

Well the coloring in that interview looked better than she looked in the finale. Overtanning, perhaps? Way to go on the weight loss tho.

lisa says:

Helen should not have one. She was very selfish from the beginning and all she cared about was “looking pretty” not about getting healthy. It was all about Helen, Helen, Helen.

lisa says:

Oops I mean she shouldn’t have won!

Brett says:

Doesn’t that camcorder have an external mic input?

Jimmy C says:


We actually used a small flip camera to get the interview up fast, and have an HD version coming tomorrow. It is a shame that the audio didn’t pick up better and we apologize, check back for a better version soon!


DA says:

Selfish or not, Helen had the will and determination to suceed. She can be a role model for her daughter, who by the way looked great on the finale. I am happy for them both. Losing weight boosts your self esteem as well as your health. We don’t have to condemn people who want to look great because saying you are losing weight for your health is more politically correct.

Jordan says:

I am SO excited for HELEN – She and her daughter made a choice which is THEIR business ! And the choice they made together they both benefitted from. Helen is fucking awesome and she deserved this.

webgoddess says:

It didn’t bother me that Helen sent her daughter home. I didn’t much care for Shanon. What bugged me was that Helen looked completely anorexic, old, and not at all healthy, whereas Mike and Tara looked quite healthy. I think that the winners should be determined on multiple factors and not just on % of weight loss because it is too arbitrary. Tara wouldn’t have looked good 10 lbs lighter than she is now.

Susan says:

Helen looked terrible that thin – it aged her about 10 years and the $100,000 winner looked 78 instead of 63. I think the Biggest Loser should be about getting to healthy weight for your build, height, etc. and she didn’t look healthy. She looked like an old whore in that pink dress. I never liked her and thought she was a self centered mother sending her daughter home and whined all the time..

satori1983 says:

She did not just “ate healthy and exercised”. I think she used something else… I used to think she was a goodlooking mother, that was before she weighted 117 pounds and looked 65. And now she says she is considering breast implants. What a good way to spend the money she won! ha, ha, ha! S

alexaholic says:

I’m sorry but I must agree with Susan—Helen was NOT the best example of healthy weight loss. She has obviously overtrained or perhaps even starved herself to win the prize money. I should think those two trainers (Jillian and Bob) would be embarrassed to stand up there and applaud her as an EXAMPLE of proper training. She looked HORRIBLE at the finale—while both Mike and Tara looked healthy, fit and still retained the shape and features of their faces. The beautiful black woman who was engaged to be married and continued working out at home looked fabulous as well. I think the $100,000 winner also looked quite old and drawn after losing almost half his body weight, although his wife looked lovely and quite sensibly kept her weight loss within reasonable limits.
I also agree that Helen should NEVER have kept herself on the show by sacrificing her daughter. Any mother would put her child first before her own selfish interests. Her actions were even more shameful when contrasted with the very loving relationship of the two sisters, (one had 5 children) where the one sister sacrificed herself so as to keep her other sister in the house. The show should have trainers and/or doctors make an evaluation of the HEALTHIEST weight loss within certain parameters, to prevent this from happening on future shows.

Si says:

The Biggest Loser is a competition! People got voted off every week based on weekly percentage of body weight lost and based on individual strategy of those voting. Some people who should have been voted off stayed and some people that shouldn’t have been voted off went home. However, that is the nature of the game. Yes, game. It was not just about losing weight it was also about gaining some fat pockets.

Whether you like Helen or not, she won fair and square. She lost the greatest amount of overall bodyweight. She is within the normal range of her BMI. She did the work and she deserves the pay… AND NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM HER.

Maggie says:

I hate Helen and i think she didn’t deserve to win. Personally I think that she starved herself in order to lose weight. If the t.v puts 10 pounds on you and you look anorexic then I would presume that she is. The reason you are on the show is to be healthy and her weight is unhealthy.

fridalola says:

how can you hate someone for winning. She did exactly what they teach you on Biggest Loser….sweat sweat sweat and take in less calories than you burn in the course of the week….its not rocket science. She never cried cause the other players “hated her” and she never said “I wanna go home”…waawaa Tara….she fought and pretty much smiled thru it and at her age, I’m sure it took a longer time getting used to all that. Tara was self-indulgent and a fake drama queen. Good for Helen. Her daughter is very very proud and lost almost 100 pounds herself, now she has a role model and a work out buddy. Now she even can have fun gaining a little back cause she over did it cause Tara (the jerk who thought she had it in the bag from day one) motivated her so well. Irony.

Tommie says:

I wanted Mike to win. He was a great and generous guy becasue he gave Aubrey his groceries he won. He really wanted to win and he did not whine like some of the people did.

Jeff says:

Helen won fair and square. That’s the bottom line. People say that she looks anorexic and all, but she is within the normal range of her BMI. Her BMI is 18.9 and underweight is 18.5. Therefore, her weight is not at an unhealthy level.
I think a lot of people are just mad because Tara didn’t win. While I think Tara was incredible and such a huge role model, Helen did beat her in the end and we all have to accept that. I’m sure Tara and Mike wouldn’t want their fans to be bashing Helen. Saying you hate someone because they won is so immature and without reason.

Bob says:

How can you say she sacrificed her daughter? Her daughter is an adult! She had just as much time to lose weight at home but didn’t. She obviously didn’t take it seriously when she got home even though she was taught how to do it while she was on the ranch. Helen spent many years raising her family, taking care of her kids…it’s HER time now. Good for her!

April says:

I think Mike should of one, he did lose 206 pounds. Good job Mike, you are a winner to me.

Dee Dee says:

Congratulations to all the finalist. What an inspiration. I personally was inspired by the older people despite their physical limitations they still continued and did not give in to pain and discomfort. Mind over matter, literally. Well I’ve got to go I have some activity of my own to get on with…..good luck to the next group.

Nellie says:

Kudos to Helen for the great weight loss, however her whining was very annoying. The one line that really irritated me, and she kept saying it over and over, was “I worked my ass off”, like she was the only one who did. Tara also whined too much but she really did work hard as did Mike. Helen did lose the greatest percentage so she deserved the win but she was not the only one to work hard.

Allan says:

To be honest, I like Tara so much for her bigger eyes, pretty much smile, I expected she win, though, Helen smiled at the last moment.
Helen deserves it, at her age 40s.

Shirl says:

Helen did win fair and square (with the aid of a little purging perhaps). Although…… as a Mom of four children one of which is a slightly over weight 18 year old girl….. I could never have chosen to selfishly remain on the ranch and send my daughter home. Shannon obviously could have benefited much more by more time on the ranch for supervised weight loss. Obviously she has not been as successful losing weight and her own Mom put her desires to stay before the needs of her daughter to become healthy. Mike’s Dad was a much better example of the pure unconditional love a parent should have for their child! Helen you are a disappointment to all parents!!!

kari says:

‘hollywood’ ? your not in hollywood honey when did she think she got there thats funny

Jan says:

Helen’s own doctor said she needs to regain at least 15 pounds to be at a healthy weight. She looked beautiful and healthy when she left the ranch and now she looks old and anorexic. I know it’s a competition but her only motivation was the money as she proved by losing 30 pounds in a month. The only way she could have done that was to have practically starved herself and worked out relentlessly. Not healthy by anyone’s standards.

Ted says:

For those of you bashing Helen because she sent her daughter home…Grow up! Shanon is a 30-year-old woman that can certainly makes decisions on her own. SHE decided to go on the show and SHE decided to leave the show. The camera can spin it any way possible, but the truth is, Shanon wanted to leave…end of story. It’s amazes me that people use words like ‘hate’ and ‘disappointment’ when she is only playing a game. I am certain if you’re casting judgments like that, you have more problems that any individual on that show! The Biggest Loser is a game, and Helen played it well. She played it so well that she is walking away with $250k in her pocket and, I’m certain, multiple endorsement. Good job to her and all the contestants. Thanks for playing the GAME!

Lisa says:

You sad, sad jealous people. Helen won! Get over it and move on now. Breathe in, breathe out, let go now. I liked Tara…but Helen won…it’s how the rules of the game go. That’s why there are rules…to determine the winner…Helen met the criteria, so she won. It’s not rocket science and good for her, and my congratulations to her. She looks wonderful and beautiful and whatever the motive it doesn’t matter…bottom line, no matter what motivation got her there, she’s there and she’s healthier. Take your bat and ball and your jealous comments and go home if you don’t like it. No one is begging you to stay and play.

Lisa says:

Also, for the lady above who said Helen is a disappointment to “all” parents…please speak for yourself. You weren’t there. Don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. Cameras can tell their own tale, we haven’t seen the whole story…just bits and pieces. I am a parent and I don’t appreciate being grouped in your “all” category. I have not cast judgement because I was not there.


Lisa says:

One final note before I go…any of you who don’t like the rules of the game are free in this wonderful country to create your own show and make your own rules! (course once you see how many people don’t like your rules you will have the same situation of you not liking the rules for this one) when are you going to learn that you can’t make everyone happy all the time. It’s impossible. So many of you negative people really need a reality check. You could come up with a game that perfectly suits all of your criteria that you think is 100% completely fair and guess what…you will have tons of people who complain that it’s not fair! Wake up people!

Rose Guindon says:

I was disappointed that Helen won. I really believe that her daughter went home because Helen wanted to stay at the ranch. What would have happened if Shannon also wanted to stay. I really beleive that Shannon agreed to go home because that is what Helen wanted. Helen did not look too skinny. What kind of spokesperson is she. All the prevoius winners looked healthy. I don’t think we wil be hearing that much about Helen.

fridalola says:

I wonder how anybody who watched the result show witnessed a disappointed, resentful Shannon? That was not the case folks. She was smiling and proud and probably thrilled her mom won that money…it was a game, and as far as weight loss is concerned, let’s face it- unless you are on a ranch on t.v. living breathing low calorie and 6-8 hours of back breaking workouts…you ain’t losing at that rate….It’s wonderful to see because it only shows what true determination to change and a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can do. The reality is that the show is designed to motivate people especially in America. I love it and I love watching them lose. And we all grow attached to one or two players that may in fact mirror ourselves or someone we love. It’s simple psychology 101 and it is one of the more humane and decent reality shows on T.V.. The genius who thought of the concept is undeniably the real winner. Go Helen and all the past competitors on the show. The game is over but the challenge has just begun. Life. Choices.

Jane says:

Helen looked so ugly, too skinny and very old…I think she went home before the finale and did not eat any thing during the time she was there…Also, it was very disappointed that she left her daughter go when ever a younger person needed more to stay there. Too much of a selfish person. Sorry 🙂

lizzie says:

I think there was a point where Helen looked good. She passed that point and does not look good or healthy, in my opinion. But she made her choices. The strategy (I am sure that’s what it was) that Shanon left and Helen stayed – obviously worked – for Helen. Shanon did not appear to have lost anything while at home. While on the show she seemed to be enjoying the competition and workin ghard. I was sorry to see her go and quite surprised to see her tears when none came from her mother. I would have preferred to see Mike (or maybe Tara) win. I felt that of the three Helen wanted the most attention – evidenced by that dress she wore at the finale. Mike was just delightful and Tara seemed to have learned some things. I know we only see the ‘drama’ that the cameras and editors want us to see. I know it is a game for many people. I think everyone worked pretty darn hard and deserve credit for their efforts – though I suspect I would work just as hard were there someone to take careof my house, family and job for six months. I just think we’ll see more endorsements or promotions for Mike and Ron and for Tara than we will for Helen. I think the youthful, pretty, sexy still sells. Congratulations to all the folks who had the opportunity and used it.

Rosie says:

Helen you are a role model to every woman over 40! You are truly an inspiration and have shown that you can accomplish weight loss, and a victory WIN at any age. I know that Jillian really helped you to reach your goals and conquer your inner demons! Love your ‘Got Milk” picture! And good luck to you and Shannon in the opening of your ‘Spinning Gym’!

chrismierster says:

I was sad when helen won.. I really thought Mike was going to win.. He was just a genuine young guy who needed to loose weight. He never complained, wanted to go home.. Always pushed and he looks great. Great job mike, I know you didn’t win but your still a winner! As for helen, she didn’t look heathlhy she looked aged but she won.. I really didn’t want tara to win she just and moaned to much.. J

Erik says:

I think that Helen looked awful and anorexic at the finale and I was pulling for Mike but Helen won. I hated her but she lost 54% and no one else did. It was awful when she sent Shanon home but it’s not called The Biggest Healthy Person it’s called The Biggest Loserand she had the biggest weight loss.

Chris says:

Helen just earned a quarter million dollars by simply dipping a little below her normal BMI. Now she can put her daughter in a weight loss camp or get a full time personal trainer. If Helen was 23 years old she would look terrific. Don’t try to compare her to Mike and Tara in the looks dept. Believe me I know, being 56 years old myself.

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