Kirstie Alley Down 38 Inches Since her Dancing Debut

by Descygna Webb

Actress Kirstie Alley has been known for years as one of the many celebrities that has battled her weight publicly. Since starting on the hit show Dancing with the Stars, Alley’s appearance has changed dramatically.

Each week the audience and judges on the show noticed that she was losing weight. Alley wanted to make sure she was continuing to go down in size, but she admits she didn’t have a specific goal in mind. After two and a half months on the show, the final numbers on Alley’s changing body were revealed. In the final episode of the show, Alley was to reprise the dance she performed on the season premiere. This means she had to wear her original costume. After extensive alterations to her dress, it was revealed that Alley’s costume had to be taken in an amazing total of 38 inches.

As Alley performed throughout the show and continued to shrink, her costumes continued to reveal more skin and came in smaller sizes. At 60 years old, Alley has shown that it’s possible to lose weight no matter what your age.

Of course Alley’s weight loss and inch loss didn’t come from her dancing alone. She also ate a very low-calorie diet to lose weight quickly. Alley was concerned about her weight and injuring her partner while on the show. There was a moment during the season when his leg gave out during a performance because he couldn’t support her completely. Although Alley did get some quick weight loss results, she also complained of feeling faint from hunger from not eating enough and dancing so intensely. Losing so many inches in just a couple of months can lead to a higher possibility of regaining the weight. This will be a strong concern once Alley starts eating the proper amount of calories needed for her body and reduces her exercise from not training for the show, but in the meantime, she looks amazing and is a huge inspiration to women everywhere.

Via Yahoo News and Green Celebrity

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