Lessons from Kathryn Budig’s Backbends Yoga Workshop

I want to thank City Yoga here in Indianapolis for inviting me to the special workshop weekend with Kathryn Budig. Kathryn teaches yoga all around the world and wants to make yoga practice fun for each of her students. She is also scheduled to release The Big Book of Yoga in December.

I attended the Sunday backbends workshop because it was the only one that I could fit into my busy weekend schedule. I was not sure what to expect since I have only attended a few yoga classes, and I have not done backbends much since I was a kid. However, I utilize and love the Authentic Yoga iPhone app when I travel and some days at home, so I feel pretty familiar with yoga in general. I find I am able to complete the intermediate routines, so I went into the class with an open mind.

The room was full but not uncomfortably so. It seemed that several of the attendees were local yoga instructors or others that could use Sanskrit terms nearly as easily as Kathryn could. I certainly felt challenged by this workshop and behind the crowd, but I was impressed by myself which I credit to Kathryn and her style of instruction. I am aware that it was helpful to me that I am aware of my body and I have learned to make adjustments through teaching dance and practicing mindfulness, but I would not know which adjustments to make without a knowledgeable instructor that knows how to communicate well.

During the introduction, Kathryn took requests about what to cover from the students. She then reviewed some general techniques to use throughout the workshop, which also helped familiarize us with the terms she would be using. Kathryn spoke about muscle movements with clear illustrations. Some of the techniques included remembering to keep groins in, pelvises neutralized, and shoulders in the socket. The “goddess arms” term was perhaps the most helpful to me in learning the best approach for reaching back. Within the first few minutes of our poses, I was contemplating buying yoga blocks for use at home as I immediately found what she was teaching helpful in opening up my back and shoulders.

I found Kathryn to be positive, encouraging, kind, and full of energy. The class was fast-paced and she spoke Sanskrit easily. Afterwards I felt relaxed, energized, and empowered. One of the things that Kathryn said that I especially appreciated as a therapist was “There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.” Since she teaches all around the world, I encourage you to check out her workshop schedule and try to take a class with her. I think you will find it to be a fabulous experience.

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