May 21 is Bike to Work Day!

Friday, May 21 is Bike to Work Day. Leave your car at home, grab a water bottle, dust off your bike and enjoy a safe, low-cost alternative form of transportation – one that also happens to be a great form of exercise!

Maybe the last time you were on a bike was in elementary school, but did you know that bicycling can be a fun, dependable and very low-cost mode of transportation? Bicycling also burns as much as 500 calories an hour, so you can commute and stay fit at the same time. Bicycling reduces your stress and improves your physical health, as well as your emotional health, since recent studies have shown that activity appears to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Bicycle commuting is great for the environment, too. More cycling means less traffic, less congested roads and cleaner air – a bonus for all involved. It gets you out in your community and helps you discover new things about your city.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, bicycling can actually save you time – the time it takes to search for parking, the time spent at gas stations, and the time wasted sitting in traffic. While you are saving time, you are firming your legs and butt, and helping to sculpt a leaner silhouette. No more trying to fit a workout in around your work schedule – you’ve already exercised before you sit down at your desk!

Bicycling saves you money:

  • The cost of operating a car for one year is approximately $5,170, according to AAA
  • Bicycling is energy-efficient
  • If one out of 10 commuters switched to walking or biking, we’d save two billion gallons of gas a year.  Now, more than ever, we need to think of ways to conserve gasoline.

Dust off those wheels, don’t forget your helmet, and join us in biking to work. And, if it’s too late today, there’s always Monday!

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