Medifast Turns Its Popular 5&1 Meal Plan Into a Holiday

Medifast customers joined in celebrating a new “holiday” on May 1 called “5&1 day” in honor of the continued success of its popular 5&1 meal plan. The holiday came at an opportune time for the diet company, which also launched a series of new additions to the My Medifast community page – a section of the website dedicated to customer support.

Medifast’s executive vice president Brian Kagen told Diets In Review the idea for the holiday was inspired by Medifast’s primary 5&1 diet program. Customers on the 5&1 plan enjoy five Medifast Meals and 1 Lean and Green Meal of their choice. “We were celebrating the success of our clients and looking at the calendar and it was 5-1,” he said. “It seemed like a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful experiences our clients have had.”

Kagen added that Medifast wants to encourage people to get involved and learn as much as possible about building healthy habits. “The more users interact with other people who have been on the program, the higher likelihood they will have long term success,” he said.

On May 1 Medifast also celebrated the launch of a new recipe section on its community page, finding the addition a useful tool for customers who need a little inspiration when it comes to preparing their own Lean and Green meals. Medifast hopes the page becomes a place for sharing recipe ideas and encouraging others members toward healthy eating choices.

Though the recipes section is new the company has already received many recipe submissions, which are evaluated and approved by Medifast nutrition experts before being published on the site.

Another addition to the Medifast website included a redesigned community page. “We have a Medifast Facebook page and a Twitter account and You Tube and everything, but we wanted to have that one hub people can visit and get associated with the many ways they can communicate with Medifast,” said Kagen. “It’s a great way to promote the different ways to interact with Medifast to ensure your weight loss is more successful.”

The last key part of the 5&1 holiday was the launch of its backyard BBQ sweepstakes, where customers can enter to win several backyard BBQ packages that include recipes and seasoning mixes for healthier summer cookouts. For new and old Medifast customers alike, it’s already shaping up to be quite an exciting summer.

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