Biggest Loser Winner Olivia Ward [Video]

Olivia Ward Before and After

New York City resident Olivia Ward takes home the grand prize of $250,000 at the live finale tonight. She dropped a grand total of 129 pounds, 49 percent of her starting weight at 261, making her The Biggest Loser of season 11. She approached every challenge with good humor and determination.

There was a real showing of girl-power in season 11, with Irene, Hannah and Olivia all making it to the final four and Deni winning the at-home prize. Olivia worked hard to post consistent weight loss all season, with her sister Hannah never far behind.

Olivia works as a manager in a plastic surgery, but her big dream is to be an opera singer. Professionally trained in both vocal and opera performance at the New England Conservatory of Music, Olivia feared that she was passed over in auditions because of her weight.

Another huge motivation to lose weight for Olivia is her desire to have children. Before appearing on The Biggest Loser, Olivia was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Now that she has become a much healthier person, Olivia has greatly improved her chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Olivia has inspired many viewers at home, including her husband Ben. We applaud all her hard work and hope she can now achieve all her goals, whether it’s performing on the stage, starting a family or anything else she can dream up.

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