Oprah’s 21-Day Cleanse

There is no dispute: When Oprah acts, the country, no, make that the world, pays attention. Whether you love the Queen of Talk Shows or not, Oprah’s ability to change what we read to the causes we champion is legendary and expansive.oprah

Her latest endeavor is putting herself up to a tremendous dietary challenge: A vegan fast for 21 days. Since going on this fast just last week, she has been blogging about her experience as she swaps bagels for steel cut oatmeal, grilled chicken breast for tempeh salad and fluffy flapjacks for wheat-free crepes. No bread. No red wine. No processed sugars. This is the real deal, folks.

What I like about this cleanse is that it puts the red light on your food cravings. It forces you to think about how powerful our minds and emotions are in choosing the foods we eat. It separates need from desire. We don’t need a $5 coffee drink topped with whip cream and chocolate syrup every afternoon. We may crave it, but we don’t need it. Once we get past those initial hurdles, we’re left with an honest examination of food: how it makes us feel and what purpose it serves. And that is the real purpose of the cleanse: to see if we can deprogram our cravings and learn to eat in a more mindful, conscious and enjoyable way.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very anxious to see the finished product of Oprah’s three-week cleanse. I think she is going to have a lot to say about her experience. And we’ll all listen. Keep up with her 21 day Blog if you’re interested in the details.

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Nancy says:

Jillian Michaels talks about this on her radio show and WARNS people with thyroid problems to never do soy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is pretty disgusted that Oprah is doing this so publicly as she also has a thyroid problem and is telling people that she, Oprah, quit her meds. Listen to Jillians radio podcasts to get good advice about taking care of hypothyroism.

matt says:

being vegan is not a fast or a diet. since going vegan 2 years ago i haven’t had 1 cold and i’ve stayed at 150 pounds while eating soy chickencheesteaks at govindas in philadelphia, and vegan bacon cheeseburgers at foodswings in brooklyn. as long as you get enough iodine don’t worry soy . there is no limit to the recipes you can make. look around recipezaar.com which is a great site. vegans have a 4 percent chance of heart attack while most people have a 50 percent chance.

MJ says:

If you have a thyroid issue you should be cautious about eating soy. I am hypothyroid and since I cut out soy products, weight control and loss has been more manageable. I have made a lifestyle change and there has been a difference since taking soy out of my diet.

Matt being vegan and having a thyroid problem are totally different from each other.

I wanted to share this quote it came from “You the Owners Manual, Updated and Expanded Edition”
Page 332

“How you take hormone medication can have a major effect on how your body reacts to it (for example, for those requiring thyroid hormone, consuming iron, calcium, or soy less than four hours before taking the thyroid medication can mean the thyroid medication won’t be absorbed). That’s why it’s important to review a few things about hormone-related medications.”


Hopefully Oprah will remain on a modified dietary part. I suspect she will become vegetarian or plantarian. I’m interested to see if she has lost any weight


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