Paula Deen Drops 30 Pounds by Rearranging Her Plate

Paul Deen, the Food Network’s southern belle, is speaking out about her new diet, dropping two dress sizes, and how she’s coping with Type-2 diabetes.

On a recent episode of ‘The View‘, the star opened up about how she’s altered her diet and managed to lose 30 pounds. The episode titled “The Fat Show,” was looking at the rising obesity rates in America, and saw Deen as a key guest.

When asked how she views her diabetes in light of her love of cooking with butter- and sugar-laden foods, Deen pointed to some scientific evidence for comfort.

“Studies have shown that there’s no one food that causes diabetes. What causes Type-2 diabetes is being overweight,” she said. “There’s a good chance if you’re overweight that you’ll become diabetic or pre-diabetic.”

Despite knowing these facts now, Deen admitted that it took her a while to come to terms with having the disease. “I have finally just come to the grips in the last 3-4 months. I ignored it for the first couple of years – I thought the doctor was wrong,” she said.

It’s well-known by now that Deen came under fire after she waited until January to make the announcement that she had diabetes after having been diagnosed two years prior. The star also signed a promotional pharmaceutical deal with Novo Nodrisk – a health care company specializing in diabetes care – and the news sent some fans over the edge.

There was an attitude people had when they first heard the news, said Deen. “[But] this is not something that I chose. I’m the only one in my family [with diabetes], and my family and I all eat the same.”

But Deen has managed to make some major changes and says she’s rearranged her plate to shave down on calories and get a little healthier. “Do I still eat comfort food?” the star asked. “Yes, I do. But I don’t do it as often.”

So how did she make the shift? Deen says she eats in moderation. “I allow myself one day a week to cook and eat whatever I like. And that’s Sunday when I have all my children and family over.”

In a recent interview with ET, the star told Nancy O’Dell that her baby steps have paid off.

“Small changes can add up to big results,” she said. “I’m redoing the way my plate looks. I’m doubling up on salad or vegetables, and putting on smaller portions of the carbs. All that, and I try to walk 30 minutes a day.”

But fans of Deen don’t have to worry as she’s not abandoning her roots. The down-home chef says her traditional recipes are here to stay. “I’m a southern girl and that’s who I am; that’s what I know,” she said. “But we just don’t eat [comfort foods] as often as what we’d like to. Once in a while you can eat two biscuits, you just can’t do it every day three times a day.”

Sound advice from an inspiring new voice in health.

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