Sex and the City Diet and Workout Secrets

When celebrities are talking diets, America listens. Our fascination with what the stars eat and don’t eat provides the fuel for countless diets, super food purchases and expensive weight loss remedies.

We also know that sex sells. So combine the immensely popular and gorgeous gals from Sex and the City and their diets, and you can just about hear the treadmills and elliptical trainers come to a screeching halt as women all across the country perk their ears to listen to the beauty secrets of Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

Sarah Jessica Parker, “Carrie”

Sarah Jessica Parker is naturally blessed with the lean body of a ballerina, thanks largely in part to her younger days spent as a dancer. Still, this mother of three lives in New York City and forgoes the car most of the time to hoof it around the city, giving her body an easy way to expend energy. A self-professed lover of food, she reportedly ascribes to a low carb eating plan, like the South Beach Diet or The Zone, but does indulge in her favorite comfort food eats like meatloaf and chocolate chip cookies.

Cynthia Nixon, “Miranda”

Nixon, a breast cancer survivor and spokesperson for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, is a fan of Gyrotronics, which is a combination of several workouts, including yoga, ballet, tai chi and gymnastics. Gyrotronics helps keep her slim figure toned and in shape. She also loves sushi and tons of veggies.

Kristin Davis, “Charlotte”

With her girl-next-door beauty and fabulous body to go with it, Davis celebrates her curves and doesn’t let the super-skinny pressure of Hollywood fill up her plate with undressed lettuce leaves and cucumber slices. Instead, Davis relies on a steady diet of fresh fish (salmon), chicken, eggs and salads, and makes necessary indulgences like ice cream and M & M’s a part of her healthy eating plan. As for exercise, she keeps things varied by jogging, doing the elliptical trainer, yoga, Pilates, and when time and space are limited, she pounds out some jumping jacks.

Kim Cattral, “Samantha”

She may be the oldest of the Sex and City crew, but Cattral proves that staying healthy is a veritable elixir for youth. Cattral relies on a healthy diet while working. But when she needs to lose weight, she shuns alcohol and bread. As for exercise, if she doesn’t do it, she feels sluggish, so she aims to get in at least 30 minutes a day, like brisk walking or Pilates.

Sex in the City 2 opens in the U.S. on May 27, 2022.

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