SlimKicker App Offers Prizes as Users Meet Fitness Goals

I like being fit and healthy. I also like winning prizes. This list of likes can be hard to make a reality, but SlimKicker – a new smart phone app – might make winning prizes and getting fit a little bit easier for all of us.

SlimKicker may seem like just another weight loss app, especially since there are plenty of fitness apps out there. But app market experts are saying that, “SlimKicker turns your diet and weight loss goals into a winnable, level-up game.”

At first, even the tagline seems similar to other game strategy weight loss tools on the market. But after reading a little deeper, SlimKicker may truly have a different and highly effective concept for its users.

Here’s a brief rundown of SlimKicker’s four main functions, as described by the company.

  • Stay motivated and excited. Rack up points for tracking healthy calories, logging your workouts, and completing challenges.
  • Stay accountable. Enter seven to 30 day diet and fitness challenges with others, and “check-in” daily to tell us how you’re doing.
  • Win prizes. As you level up, you get to participate in giveaway challenges where we give away special prizes.
  • Personalized advice. Get personalized reminders from our virtual coach based on your activity.

If you’re like me, number three caught my attention right away. As humans, the gratification of a reward does not disappear after childhood. Winning tangible prizes as a result of creating new, healthy habits that improve our lifestyle is a fantastic idea and sure to keep many motivated long past the typical first few weeks of a new diet. The very reason SlimKicker was created was to help people sustain motivation.

The game-play involved in the app seems fun, too. They refer to it as “Weight Watchers in reverse,” as users gain more points for choosing healthy foods versus unhealthy ones.

In addition to the points, SlimKicker helps maintain new habits with another aspect of the game: Challenges. For example if one user is attempting to quit drinking soda, the challenge will start out easy and gradually become harder. The more difficult the challenge, the higher the points earned. If the challenges get tough, SlimKicker encourages users to connect with other users for accountability and social support.

SlimKicker seems fun and unique. Aside from the game aspect, the app’s goal is to teach proper nutrition, portion control, and life-long habits. The app utilizes tools such as a calorie counter, fitness tracker, and other resources to help users obtain optimal fitness.

While health and fitness are the ultimate prizes in this game, a few take home items wouldn’t be such a terrible thing either.

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