Taco Bell Divulges What’s Really in Their Beef (HINT: It’s Not Just Meat)


Taco Bell had an announcement this week that certainly surprised us. The fast food corporation decided to divulge what’s actually in its meat—and it turns out, it is mostly actually meat! Or at least, it’s almost 9/10ths meat. 

In an official statement, Taco Bell stated that their beef is “88% beef and 12% signature recipe.” The company also assured the nation that their beef is not grade D beef, but that it is as quality as any ground beef that you might find in a grocery store.

So what makes up the “signature recipe” that accounts for the other 12% of the filling? Mostly spices and thickeners, the chain insists. “Ingredients like oats and sodium phosphates help make sure the texture is right.” We’re of the opinion that “beef texture” is probably best produced by beef, but I guess when you operate a worldwide chain you need consistency. Maybe these fillers make the beef used in Kansas taste the same as the beef used in California?

All in all, Taco Bell beef claims to be on par with grocery store beef—a claim that helps squelch rumors from days past. Although I won’t be dining at Taco Bell anytime soon, I am happy to hear the news that Taco Bell cares enough about their customers’ dietary needs to release this information. Knowledge is power!

Taco Bell has recently been making headlines for itself by being extremely active in social networking, especially with a focus on their new breakfast menu, which is why it is no surprise that the fast food chain has released information regarding their products. We may not always be a fan of what Taco Bell is serving up, but they do seem to be a leader in transparency in the fast food market.

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