Top 25 Diets of 2024: Reader’s Choice

It’s here!!!

We are halfway through 2024, and nearing closer to the summer months day by day.  To help you navigate the endless diets out there, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to our top 25 diets as determined by you, our faithful readers.

From pills to Paleo, to counting points to cabbage soup, see what hot diets every one is talking about this year!

  1. 18 Shake
  2. Plexus Slim
  3. Contrave
  4. Dr. Phil 20-20 Diet
  5. The 17 Day Diet
  6. Omnitrition Drops
  7. Skinny Fiber
  8. The Paleo Diet
  9. The Dukan Diet
  10. Optifast
  11. Weight Watchers
  12. Flabs 2 Abs
  13. Cabbage Soup Diet
  14. Medifast
  15. Cambridge Diet
  16. HCG Diet
  17. Tone it Up Fat Burning System
  18. Slim Fast 321
  19. Sacred Heart Diet
  20. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Diet
  21. Scarsdale Diet
  22. Quick Weight Loss Centers
  23. Body Slimming Toe Ring
  24. Nutrisystem
  25. The Thrive Diet

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