Top 5 Chair (Desk) Exercises

ankle weights, stability ball leg extension balance and stability, weight training
leg extension on stability ball with ankle weight

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1.) Leg Extensions for Quadraceps (thigh muscle). Keep abs flexed (squeezed) and slowly kick feet towards ceiling flexing (squeezing) the quadraceps. Repeat several times.

2.) Lateral Raises for Shoulders. Let arms hang down to the side and slowly raise until parallel to floor. Hold and then repeat several times.

3.) Torso Twists for Obliques. Squeeze abs and gently turn side to side in chair with upper torso. Repeat several times.

4.) Seated Rows for Mid Back. Hold arms straight out in front of body and slowly row arms back to body. Keep elbows to the side and squeeze the shoulder blades. Repeat several times

5.) Shrugs for shoulder. Let arms hang down to side of body and slowly raise shoulders to ears. Try not to bend arms and repeat several times.

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