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Try This Healthier Work-At-Home Fitness Routine


Congratulations! You have finally escaped the cube farm and negotiated a work-from-home schedule. You imagine sleeping in a little later, trading high heels and skirts for sneakers and sweats, and saving a ton of money skipping your morning latte run in favor of your own Keurig creation.

Working from home can help work/life balance and put some money back in your bank account, but there are also drawbacks. According to a 2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics study, telecommuting may actually cause your boss to have higher expectations about your ability to work more hours, including nights and weekends.

Your own expectations about what you can do with this new-found freedom may also be slightly askew. If your job required hours of sitting before, don’t expect that to change because the treadmill is now in the next room. You may find yourself moving less because your co-workers aren’t stopping by your desk to ask you out for lunch or you don’t get to climb a few flights of stairs on your way to your next meeting.

Working from home requires setting some clear boundaries about not only your office hours, but also meal and exercise breaks. Use these tips to help you create a new “work at home” fitness routine. (more…)

4 Stretches for Better Posture and Health

For some, sitting for hours at an office desk is an absolute nightmare. Being sedentary while displaying poor posture is not just painful, it’s bad for your health. A decrease in productivity, a negative attitude, and a disdain for your work are all unpleasant side effects of having to be chained to your desk all day. So I say, let’s fix that.

If you care about your attitude, your career, and your health, I encourage you to take some time and practice the following stretches. Do not be a victim of the spine-wrecking 40-hour work week. Instead, take charge and move your body throughout the day by stretching, bending, and breathing.

You may notice a theme with these suggested stretches, and that is to stand up! Even if you don’t get around to stretching, at least stand up from time to time while at work. A little bit goes a long way in keeping your body healthy.

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Top 5 Chair (Desk) Exercises

ankle weights, stability ball leg extension balance and stability, weight training
leg extension on stability ball with ankle weight

(Click on image to view this exercise…)

1.) Leg Extensions for Quadraceps (thigh muscle). Keep abs flexed (squeezed) and slowly kick feet towards ceiling flexing (squeezing) the quadraceps. Repeat several times.

2.) Lateral Raises for Shoulders. Let arms hang down to the side and slowly raise until parallel to floor. Hold and then repeat several times.

3.) Torso Twists for Obliques. Squeeze abs and gently turn side to side in chair with upper torso. Repeat several times.

4.) Seated Rows for Mid Back. Hold arms straight out in front of body and slowly row arms back to body. Keep elbows to the side and squeeze the shoulder blades. Repeat several times

5.) Shrugs for shoulder. Let arms hang down to side of body and slowly raise shoulders to ears. Try not to bend arms and repeat several times.

If you have any questions: please feel free to ask.