Top 5 Fittest Cities in the U.S.

The latest data is out on the health of our cities. While we usually look at health statistics in terms of which cities or states are the most obese, this time around we’re going to take a look at which cities are the fittest.

This year’s American Fitness Index report, published by the American College of Sports Medicine, examines the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and ranks them by fitness levels.

5. Portland, Oregon

Obesity Rate: 23.9 percent
Exercise Rate: 82.3 percent

This is my newly adopted hometown (even though, technically, I live across the river in Vancouver, WA. I can tell you first hand that Portlanders are passionate about fitness, particularly cycling. Portland and my suburb of Vancouver have wonderful bike paths that cater to the bike enthusiasts in the Rose City area. And of course, the area is well-known for its camping and hiking opportunities, too.

4. Seattle, Washington

Obesity Rate: 22.8 percent
Exercise Rate: 81.9 percent

The Pacific Northwest obviously doesn’t let the rainy weather get them down, as Seattle and Portland make up a one-two punch for the region on the fitness list. But cities have low obesity rates and may opportunities for physical fitness.

3. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Obesity Rate: 23.9 percent
Exercise Rate: 84.3

Minneapolis is an interesting pick in the top five. That’s because they have a slightly higher obesity rate than everyone else on the list, yet they made number three. That’s because they haven a higher exercise rate than the rest of the list.

2. Boston, Massachusetts

Obesity Rate: 19.9 percent
Exercise Rate: 78.6 percent

While Boston has the lowest exercise rate on the list, their obesity rate is also the lowest. That may be attributable to a low smoking-rate and state-mandated health insurance which could be a sign of health-conscious and/or well-informed citizens who can get regular doctor check-ups.

1. Washington DC

Obesity Rate: 22.6 percent
Exercise Rate: 80.1 percent

While Washington DC is known for fat-cat politicians, the residence of our nation’s capital are anything but plump. While some of them are living high on the hog off of government pork they get for their home districts, the city as a whole is number one in the country for fitness. And, DC is not new to the game – they have been number one on the American Fitness Index report for three straight years.

“We are thrilled to be the fittest city in the nation for the third consecutive year,” says Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty. “We are investing in our recreation centers, building new swimming pools and opening more parks so our residents can exercise, swim, walk, bike and compete in sports.”

(via: Yahoo! Health)

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