We Love Figamajigs

This week, we LOVE Figamajigs – and not just for its fun and funky name. Figamajigs are dark chocolate-covered fig bars that are a delicious and natural way to make you feel like you’re eating a decadent chocolate candy bar when you’re actually eating something that is 100 percent healthy and 100 percent delish!!

Photo Courtesy of Figamajig

Figamajigs have a few different products to choose from: the original fig bar, almond fig bar and raspberry fig bar. Each bar contains 130 or 150 calories. There are also bite-sized Figamajig candies that are equally yummy and perfect for when you want a bag of M&Ms but don’t want the repercussions that come after eating one.

Figamajigs are pureed figs enrobed in high quality dark chocolate. So not only are these fabulous food finds sweet and rich, but they pack a healthy dose of fiber in each serving. One bar contains 5 grams of fiber and each bag of the Figamajig pieces contain 3 grams.

You can purchase these online from the Figamajig website or you can look at their site and enter your ZIP code in their store locator. Target carried them last year and you might have luck with currently finding them at Whole Foods or Mollie Stones.

But Figamajigs are SO good, it’s well worth your effort tracking them down.

Happy Munching!

2 Responses to We Love Figamajigs

At first blush, these look healthier than Fig Newtons, which I always sorta condidered “the healthy cookie.” Thanks for the info. Hope I run across them.


Christian says:

Hello Heather, is this post from 2020? I ask because it seems the company that makes these shut down in 2013. Have you found these candies recently (as in the last year?) I tried them back in 2011 and loved them. The next time I tried to find them, the website was gone and the Facebook indicated the business had shut permanently.

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