Weight Loss News in Review – Week of May 16

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Sex and the City Diet and Workout Secrets

Sex and the City Two is coming out next week, which means fans of the show will not only be curious to see what the girls are up to… but how do they stay in such great shape?! Here are some of their secrets.

Biggest Losers Run Marathon – Week 18 Recap

Our Biggest Loser correspondent Amanda Arlauskas gives you the lowdown on the Biggest Loser Marathon this week.

Celebs Deny Baby Food Diet Use

Hollywood gossip circles have been buzzing about rumors that certain high-profile celebrities taking part in the fad Baby Food Diet. The response from some has been emphatic.

Becky’s Amazing 100-Pound Weight Loss

Check out this amazing story of one woman’s weight loss journey. With the help of the Weight Watchers points system, support from family, and good old-fashioned determination, Becky

The Causes of Emotional Eating

Weight loss shows like The Biggest Loser have really shined a light on the emotional aspect of overeating. Here, Licensed Mental Health Counselor Brooke Randolph discusses some of the ins and outs of how what’s in our head can affect what’s on our plate.

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