What’s Really in Your Food on The Doctors

The Doctors TV show logoTune in to The Doctors on Thursday, May 5 to find out what’s really in your food. The Doctors take a close look at chemical additives found in many common foods, and what consequences these substances can have for your health. Thousands of chemicals are commonly used in our food to improve the taste, enhance the smell, and prolong shelf-life, yet little is know about the real effects of consuming these chemicals. The show will reveal some of the shocking dangers of food additives that are emerging from the medical community.

Learn about the carcinogen that’s lurking in chips, chemicals in salad dressing, why benzoyl peroxide can be found in bread and how insect parts are making their way into pasta. Learn how you can avoid these chemicals, and more reasons to eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Check your local show times for listings.

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