10 Gym-Free Ways to Burn an Extra 100 Calories

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By Gary Ditsch, Retrofit Lead Exercise Physiologist

We’ve all heard the saying, “A little bit goes a long way.” When it comes to weight loss, common advice is to make big changes to get quick and substantial results. While rapid results can be motivating and encouraging, the long-term value of these changes are only observed when they become habits. The process of adopting small changes can can be beneficial when it results in lifelong weight loss maintenance.

In the spirit of making small changes, here are 10 ways to burn an extra 100 calories throughout the day:

1. Walk. Choose to walk instead of drive if you’re going somewhere nearby. 18 minutes of walking will burn 100 calories.

2. Climb. Instead of taking elevators or escalators, take the stairs. A cumulative 15 minutes and 20 seconds of stair climbing can burn 100 calories.

3. Yardwork. Mow the lawn for 13 minutes and say goodbye to those calories.

4. Clean the House. Cleaning, sweeping and other general house work can burn 100 calories in about 19 minutes.

5. Walk the Dog. Go around the block an extra couple of times. Just 20 minutes of dog walking will net you another 100 calories lost.

6. Shop. Looking for a good excuse to go shopping? Browsing your favorite stores at the mall will burn 100 calories approximately every 27 minutes. (But buyer beware: Your wallet is likely to lose some weight too!)

7. Play Frisbee. Spend some quality time with your kids, spouse or friends while losing weight at the same time. You burn 100 calories for every 21 minutes of playing catch with a frisbee.

8. Namaste. Many people think hatha yoga is just stretching, but it can actually be quite a workout. This form of yoga burns 100 calories every 25 minutes. Not a yoga fan? Try Zumba and torch those calories in less than half the time at 11 minutes.

9. Cook Dinner. Need another reason to cook a healthy dinner? Washing, chopping, arranging and moving around the kitchen can add up to burning more calories than you might think – about 100 calories every 31 minutes.

10. Don’t Be a “Desk Jockey”. You burn about 30% more calories when you’re standing than when you’re sitting. So whenever you can, choose to stand instead of sit. For most people, the best opportunity to do this is to use a standing desk at work instead of sitting in a chair. Other opportunities include standing during meetings, phone calls, and standing while on the bus or train.

Remember that not everyone’s bodies burn calories at the same rate, so it may take you a little more or less time to achieve results. Nevertheless, combining some of the above strategies on a daily basis will add up. Before you know it, a little really will go a long way!

*Calculations based on a 205 lb individual


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