10 Healthy Summer Recipes for Kids

fruit-popsiclesThere are two things that stand between your kids’ health this summer: junk food and vegging out. It’s all too easy to stock the kitchen with potato chip multi-packs, cookies, soda and popsicles to keep their muchies appeased during summer vacation, all while they kick-back in the family room to watch SpongeBob reruns and play video games. This is not ideal for their health or overall fitness.

Instead, follow these moms’ healthy summer tips to keep your kids playing throughout the summer. And when it comes time to feed all those hungry mouths, get them involved! Kids love helping and being a part of what ever is going on, no matter their age. These recipes are kid-friendly, both in that they can lend a hand in the preparation and they’re nutritious eats for their growing bodies.

Frozen Fruit Bars – Nevermind those bulk cases of sugar-filled icy pops you’ll find at the grocery store. Have your kids choose their favorite fresh fruits and soon they’ll have an ice cold treat they made themselves, and you’ll feel good about serving.

Frozen Banana – Give summer breakfasts a cool twist or make a filling afternoon snack. Either way, these frozen bananas make a simple and scrumptious treat.

Watermelon Honeydew Kabobs – Kids will have too much fun balling fresh melons and threading onto kabob skewers. The sweet dressing with lime, honey and poppy seeds will satisfy their need to dip!

Cottage Cheese Dip for Vegetables – Bypass the ranch dressing and give your kids a healthier dip for dunking all those fresh summer veggies!

Summer Fruit Salad – This fruit salad combines all the fresh, sweet flavors of your favorite summer fruits. It’s super easy to prepare, as is the scrumptious honey orange sauce.

Sugar Free Gummy Worms – Yes, you can make your own gummy worms. More importantly, your kids can make their own gummy worms with any color combination they choose.

Italian Cream Soda – The older kids can make this for themselves and their friends and enjoy a creamy summertime favorite, without any sugar.

kids making granolaHomemade Granola – This is a perfect snack to keep on-hand in the kitchen or to pack whether traveling by foot, car, plane or boat. Use the recipe as a base and let your kids add their favorite dried fruits or nuts.

Turkey and Cream Cheese – This finger-food will make a nutritious lunch for the kids.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – The little ones will need help preparing the oatmeal, then let them grate the apples and add the raisins to make this healthy power breakfast all their own.

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