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August is Family Fun Month

August is Family Fun month! There are so many options for families to really enjoy each other. Fortunately, there are lots of options beyond watching TV and playing video games together. Here are some great tips on having fun and staying healthy as a family.

Exercise as a Family

A family that exercises together, has a blast together! Here are some great ideas to keep moving as a family.

Commit to Fit for a Fun and Motivating Challenge
August 1st is the final day to sign up for the “Commit to Fit” challenge. Sign the whole family up and earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award together- a great way to track and learn new ways to get moving.


Turn Summer Fun Into A Fun Workout

Christina is a mom, registered nurse, and blogger. She fully admits to both a love of too much food and a love of the couch, two vices she struggles to overcome on a daily basis. In the past two years, she’s lost nearly 50 pounds through diet and exercise, some of it chronicled on her blog, Losing My Hind.

Hooray for summer! With school out and the weather sunny and warm, my kids are always begging me to take them to the playground or go do something fun. (Because, of course, being at home is completely no fun at all.) As much as my daughters are enjoying their free time, I’m finding myself stressed out about not having enough time in my day. They may have no responsibilities, but I still have to go to work, buy groceries, do housework, and maybe find time for myself to exercise – all in addition to keeping my two little darlings entertained.

One time saver I’ve been trying to incorporate is taking the time to join in on summer activities with my kids. No, not just sit on the patio while they run through the sprinklers – I mean actually getting up and running through it with them. Think about it: not only do your kids get to have fun and spend time with you, but if done right, you can cross your workout for the day off your to-do list at the same time!


5 Easy and Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active Over Summer Vacation

With summer vacation quickly approaching, many parents are trying to think of ways to keep their kids occupied throughout the day without breaking the bank. Keeping kids active is important to help them avoid boredom and keep them from becoming couch potatoes over the next couple of months. With a little planning, you can ensure your kids have their best summer ever, and they will stay active in the process. Below are some fun ways to keep kids active and occupied while they are on summer vacation:

Limit electronic consumption. Setting some boundaries about how long kids can watch TV will keep them from turning into couch potatoes. The same goes for playing video games and being on the computer. This will also allow them to branch into other activities that will get them moving. Encourage playing outside and go outside with them. This will teach kids to be creative with the games they come up with while getting them to exercise.


Healthy Summer Kids Series

This week was Healthy Summer Kids week at DietsInReview.com. It’s the first of many new series focused on a specific health topic we’re featuring in the blog. We were thrilled to bring together a group of moms who are committed to keeping their own kids fit and healthy and share their tips and tricks to help you do the same. boy swimming with goggles

While our kids have plenty of opportunity to literally enjoy the lazy days of summer, it’s important to encourage them to stay active and eat as nutritiously as possible. Whether you’re a mom (or dad) whose busy work schedule doesn’t slow just because school’s out, or one who is fresh out of ideas, you’ll appreciate the simplicity, convenience and enthusiasm these healthy moms offer. (more…)

Create Lasting Healthy Habits for Kids This Summer

Valerie is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Valerie is an outdoor loving, flip flop wearing, fit mama with three young children. She is an ACE certified personal trainer and owns her own Stroller Strides franchise in Houston, TX. She feels every day is a chance to have fun and be inspired. You can find great fitness tips, ideas for healthy living, and plenty of mindless mommy banter at her blog Moms Living Fit.

Summertime can be summed up into one word, “fun.” Kids look forward to this time of year every year and welcome the outdoor activities, picnics, and gatherings. Why not take advantage of this summertime enthusiasm and integrate a few good habits to promote health and fitness in your children’s lives?

Get Moving

There is a lot competing for your child’s attention these days, especially on TV. Reduce the “screen time” for your kids and increase their physical activity with daily outdoor playtime. Invite some friends over, get out the soccer balls, and let them run a few laps in the backyard. (more…)

10 Healthy Summer Recipes for Kids

fruit-popsiclesThere are two things that stand between your kids’ health this summer: junk food and vegging out. It’s all too easy to stock the kitchen with potato chip multi-packs, cookies, soda and popsicles to keep their muchies appeased during summer vacation, all while they kick-back in the family room to watch SpongeBob reruns and play video games. This is not ideal for their health or overall fitness.

Instead, follow these moms’ healthy summer tips to keep your kids playing throughout the summer. And when it comes time to feed all those hungry mouths, get them involved! Kids love helping and being a part of what ever is going on, no matter their age. These recipes are kid-friendly, both in that they can lend a hand in the preparation and they’re nutritious eats for their growing bodies. (more…)

5 Ways to Keep You and Your Kids Active This Summer

liz-rosenbaumLiz is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Liz Rosenbaum is a unique fitness trainer because her passion lies not only in helping women work toward their physical goals, but also in helping women restore inner peace and acceptance of themselves – regardless of their fitness level. She has her own fitness blog, LizRosenbaumFitness.com, which she updates regularly with enthusiastic and inspiring words of wisdom.

Now that school is out and the kids are home all day long, it may seem a little more difficult to fit exercise into your daily routine. The good news is summertime provides a wonderful opportunity for you to turn your exercise sessions into play time sessions with your kids. It really is the best of both worlds… because not only do you get in some great physical activities for your own benefit, but you also get to spend some good, quality time with your kids… all while being a good example to them about how to live a healthy life. (more…)

Summer is Ideal for Family Fitness

Julie Marsh is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Julie is a mom of three in suburban Denver who combines her love of swimming, biking, and running by competing in sprint triathlons.You can see more of Julie at CoolMomPicks.com. family bike ride

I’m dedicated to setting a healthy example for my kids.  We don’t talk about weight or size or wearing a bikini (because heaven knows that’s never happening again no matter how many triathlons I finish).  Instead, we talk about getting some fresh air and having fun.

When my husband and I pay for a babysitter so that we can wake up at the crack of dawn on a holiday and run a 10K, we’re doing it not just because it feeds our own love of competition and our own goals for health and wellness; we’re doing it because we want our kids to see that we genuinely enjoy challenging ourselves. Summer is an ideal time to get into this sort of family routine.  The weather is perfect for outside activity. (more…)

Kid’s Food Tasting Party Encourages Healthy Eating

Melanie is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Melanie Berezan, aka Crazy Legs, is co-founder of GirlGetStrong.com. A restless writer, entrepreneur, traveler, and a bit of a weird wife (sorry honey!). Slightly insane mum of four cool little people who are either angels or monsters depending on the day’s medication. Proud owner of 10 terribly twisted and calloused running toes, and most of all an avid fan of fun!


Summer brings with it all sorts of great fresh produce. But what do you do when you have a hard time getting your children to eat their summer veggies?  Here’s a fun idea that worked like a charm on my children, who range in age from four to ten years old. We threw a “food tasting party”.

A food tasting party works like this: (more…)

Frozen Fruit Popsicles Make Snacking Healthy Fun

fruit-popsiclesAnne-Marie Nichols is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Anne-Marie is a work-at-home professional blog wrangler and social media consultant. In real life she lives on Colorado’s Front Range with her husband and two children. Virtually you can find her at A Mama’s Rant, This Mama Cooks! On a Diet, and This Mama Cooks! Reviews, at several of the Mom Central blogs including Mom Central Food and Mom Central Goes Green, and on Twitter.

Summer’s the perfect time to inspire your family to eat more healthfully since seasonal produce is on sale and plentiful. It’s also an opportunity to get the kids involved in purchasing nutritious food. As a family, visit a farmer’s market or pick fruits and vegetables at a local farm. (LocalHarvest.org lists farmer’s markets and family farms by state or ZIP code.)

After you’ve shopped, get the kids into the kitchen to make frozen fruit popsicle treats. (more…)

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

kids eating tomatoesRebecca is a guest blogger for the DietsInReview.com special series on Healthy Summer Kids. Rebecca is a stay-at-home mom to four little boys and is committed to fitness and health. She blogs at Life With Boys where she shares her experiences as a mom, and her journey toward weight loss and fitness.

One of our biggest challenges as moms is to feed our kids a healthy diet that they will actually eat. The busy, hot summer days add the extra problem of having the school agers at home all day long. They want snacks and they want them now!  They don’t care if the food is wholesome or junk, in fact they’d often prefer the latter. So begins the battle of what mom wants versus what they want. Here are a few ideas that have helped us reach a compromise. (more…)