5 Ways to Keep You and Your Kids Active This Summer

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Now that school is out and the kids are home all day long, it may seem a little more difficult to fit exercise into your daily routine. The good news is summertime provides a wonderful opportunity for you to turn your exercise sessions into play time sessions with your kids. It really is the best of both worlds… because not only do you get in some great physical activities for your own benefit, but you also get to spend some good, quality time with your kids… all while being a good example to them about how to live a healthy life.

Here are some suggestions for combining your workout time into your kids’ playtime.

1. Take the kids to the park. But instead of sitting off to the side to watch while they play, get out on the equipment and play with them!

2. Ditch the car and ride bikes instead. Whether you’re headed to the ballpark for a baseball game or to drop your kids off at the neighbor’s house… use your bikes for transportation instead of your car.

kids-fitness3. Be a team player. If your son loves to play golf, or if your daughter is into soccer, plan an afternoon when you can get outside and play their favorite sport with them!

4. Form a relay team. Kids love to imitate the exercises that grown-ups do. If you’re in need of some squats, push-ups or lunges, create a relay race where you are required to do 10 reps of each exercise.

5.  Let them tag along. If you enjoy brisk walking, jogging or running outside to get your daily dose of cardiovascular exercise, let your kids tag along with you. Depending on their age, you can strap them in a jogging stroller, have them ride their bike or let them roll along side you in their roller blades.

The sky is the limit when it comes to physical fitness activities you can do along side your children during the summer months. All it takes is a little imagination, a desire to do something good for your body and a youthful, energetic attitude and you’ve got a recipe for a fun, healthy day.

For more fun ideas and healthy recipes, checkout Liz’s fitness blog.

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One Response to 5 Ways to Keep You and Your Kids Active This Summer

Kam says:

it is hard to have your kids home all day. we as moms need to keep them busy.
I do go along side of mine as we go to the park throw the ball around or have a running contest.

enjoy your summer

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