5 Easy and Fun Ways to Keep Kids Active Over Summer Vacation

With summer vacation quickly approaching, many parents are trying to think of ways to keep their kids occupied throughout the day without breaking the bank. Keeping kids active is important to help them avoid boredom and keep them from becoming couch potatoes over the next couple of months. With a little planning, you can ensure your kids have their best summer ever, and they will stay active in the process. Below are some fun ways to keep kids active and occupied while they are on summer vacation:

Limit electronic consumption. Setting some boundaries about how long kids can watch TV will keep them from turning into couch potatoes. The same goes for playing video games and being on the computer. This will also allow them to branch into other activities that will get them moving. Encourage playing outside and go outside with them. This will teach kids to be creative with the games they come up with while getting them to exercise.

Keep cool with water activities. Going to the local water park can get expensive, but having a stock of water guns and Slip ‘n’ Slides that can be used countless times throughout the summer can be very helpful. These items will go on sale as the summer months approach and the only other equipment you will need is a running hose and towels to dry off with. Kids love playing in the water and these simple and cheap items can provide hours of fun.

Send them off to summer camp. Depending on the area you live in this can be a slightly expensive option, but if you can, summer camp can be a great place to send kids for new friendships and lots of fun activities. There are lots of options varying from camps that take kids during the day to some that they travel to for weeks at a time. Having a camping option during the day can keep the kids engaged in outdoor activities that will fill their day.

Create a backyard boot camp. Set up a homemade boot camp or obstacle course that the kids can run through. Make it interesting and turn it into a competition. The kids will have a good time going through it. If you can, leave the course up all summer for an option of something to do after dinner when the weather is cooler. Participate with them to really get them excited about it. This is also great as a station that they can come to in between the water gun fights and games they might play in the front yard. Encourage the kids to invite some other kids from the neighborhood to join in their outdoor adventures.

Go swimming. Since most kids love swimming and playing in the water, this can be a great option if you are a member at a family-friendly gym or have a community pool. If your kids don’t know how to swim yet, enroll them in swimming lessons for the summer. Swimming is a great activity for burning off energy and it will wear the kids out while helping them enjoy lots of fun.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your kids active over the summer break. Ask them if there’s anything they’ve wanted to do and incorporate their feedback as well. Keeping some of these ideas on hand can help both you and your kids have a fun and healthy summer.

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