August is Family Fun Month

August is Family Fun month! There are so many options for families to really enjoy each other. Fortunately, there are lots of options beyond watching TV and playing video games together. Here are some great tips on having fun and staying healthy as a family.

Exercise as a Family

A family that exercises together, has a blast together! Here are some great ideas to keep moving as a family.

Commit to Fit for a Fun and Motivating Challenge
August 1st is the final day to sign up for the “Commit to Fit” challenge. Sign the whole family up and earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award together- a great way to track and learn new ways to get moving.

Summer is Ideal for Family Fitness
Great tips from a mom who wants to keep her kids active all year round. From the skate park to the pool, summer is full of active fun.

5 Ways to Keep You and Your Kids Active This Summer
Check out these easy ways to keep the kids happy and keep them moving, plus tips on how to be a team player and to make exercise practical for the whole family.

Outdoor Fitness Games for that Family Get Together
Instead of baking in the heat when the family comes over for that summer cook-out, get up and play some games. These seven games can be played right in the backyard.

Basketball Games to Play as a Family
Is your family full basketball fans? Instead of just watching it, here are great basketball games to play together.

Playgrounds-Not Just for Kids
While the kids are climbing the monkey bars and swinging, mom and dad don’t need to just sit on the park bench. Great tips for parents to get exercise at the park too.

Healthy Family Fun in the Kitchen
Whether cooking together or serving great healthy meals and treats, the kitchen a wonderful place for families to bond.

Healthy Summer Cooking with Kids
Beat the heat and stay indoors together. Spend time learning how to make great food as a family.

Weight Watchers Cooking with Kids Series Helps Families Bond in the Kitchen
Several fun tips about how to make having the little chef in the kitchen a great experience.

Easy Family Meals for Game Nights

When the summer T-Ball games and swimming lessons have the family’s night crammed, here are some tasty and healthy quick meals.

Kids Food Tasting Party Encourages Healthy Eating
Introduce the kids to some new foods and host a fun food tasting party.

10 Healthy Summer Recipes for Kids

Several great recipes that the kids will love and the parents will love serving. Get the whole family together to prepare these great treats!

Family Vacations
Want to get out of town before school starts? Here are our favorite vacation spots for the family.

Healthiest Family Friendly Vacation Spots

Have a fun and healthy August, folks!

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