13 Hot New Workouts to Try This Summer

Summer is not boring – fact. Some of your workouts are getting pretty tired – fact. There’s nothing you can do about it – false.

The summer season officially starts on June 20, also known as the summer equinox. There’s never been a better time than right now to shake up your workout routine. We challenge you to try a new workout every week of summer. By fall, you’ll have found a few new things you really love and those are sure to carry you through the winter workout doldrums. Summer is all about adventure, and your workout routine deserves a little vacation too, don’t you think?

Here are 13 fresh workout ideas that will have you fitter by Labor Day!


Orangetheory Fitness

They call it the “best one-hour workout in the country,” and with studio locations across the country you’ve got plenty of opportunity to see for yourself. It’s interval training and strength training combined for a results-focused workout. You’ll spend 60 minutes in a group session doing treadmill intervals, indoor rowing, and weight training. Don’t have a location near you? See if they have an Orangetheory studio at your vacation destination! OrangetheoryFitness.com

beyond barre

Beyond Barre

It’s not ballet, but it uses a lot of the dance style’s principals to push you through a cardio-focused full body workout. Created by Colleen Ketchum, the 55-minute session will work your legs for a leaner look, abs for a flatter tummy, heart with GlideBoard simulated ice skating, and free weights for stronger muscle tone. Colleen’s flagship studio is in Warwick, New York with a growing number of studio locations around the country. BeyondBarre.com

zumba sentao

Zumba Sentao

Check with your favorite Zumba instructor to see if they’re offering the newest version of this dance-inspired fitness craze. It’s Zumba with a chair, opening up a lot of new options for working on balance and strength of your core. It uses common moves like lunges, squats, and crunches and might be a great way for Zumba newbs to get in on the action.

jillian flywheel

Flywheel Cycling

These indoor spin classes are the talk of the town and if you haven’t gone yet you’re really missing out. You’ll be drenched in sweat, feel your heart race to new heights, and leave feeling invigorated. There are currently Flywheel studios in nine major cities, 10 if you look beyond the island to Dubai. A perk that will do more for your mood than your glutes – celebs like investor Jillian Michaels drop by, too! FlywheelSports.com


Ride a Bike

Bike sharing is making bicycles more available to those in urban settings. So whether you’re using it to commute or to pedal out some miles on the weekend, check in to services like Citi Bike in New York, Capital Bike in the DC area, or B-Cycle in Denver.


Outdoor Yoga

Move your sun salutations out where the bright ball in the sky can actually see them! Open Air Yoga in New York City or Runyon Canyon Yoga in LA are completely dedicated to classes beyond the confines of the studio. But if you’re not in a major city where these are available, ask your yoga studio if they’re up for taking a few sessions outside. OpenAirYogaNYC.com



“It’s yoga meets stand-up paddle-boarding,” says the LA studio’s site. This isn’t likely ideal for the beginner yogi, but certainly a fun way to refresh a veteran yoga practice. The 90-minute class takes place in the calming ocean waters of Marina Del Ray. This is a must if you live in the LA area, and has to be on your vacation itinerary if you’re headed to the Golden Coast. Yogaqua.com


Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

Speaking of, this latest water sport craze can be done anywhere you’ve got a body of water. Becoming a popular offering at resorts at both lakes and oceans, it’s totally worth the rental or purchase of the gear to try on a summer weekend wherever you are. It’s a great core workout, but is also just a heck of a lot of fun!


Kickboxing / MMA

These gyms are available in small and large cities across the country, just Google your way to a fresh new workout! These intense classes come with the added bonus of learning how to defend yourself, but the muscle-toning, fat-burning, cardio-pumping workouts are perfect for getting in shape.

color run

Fun 5Ks

Put one of these cool new fun runs on your calendar one of these summer weekends. If you’re a regular runner, then the training is already happening. Let loose under showers of color, glow in the dark lights, mud pits, and even zombie attacks for an exciting and fit way to kick off your weekends.

water aerobics

Go Swimming

Cool off and get a low-impact total body workout all while hanging out with the kids or friends – a swimming workout really is the whole package! Whether you just commit to doing laps or check your gym’s schedule for classes like aquatic aerobics, you’ll be well on your way to toning up.

sunlighten sauna bath

Sauna Time

Sitting in a sauna can be the equivalent of doing a moderate workout. So while these hot sessions shouldn’t replace your fitness regimen, they are absolutely a healthy complement. We recently checked out Sunlighten Saunas and talked to many experts who endorse the health benefits of consistent sauna use. Splurge and buy your own or book a session at a local gym or spa.



Hey, why not? Laughing is good exercise, which you’ll most certainly do after a minute or two with this hit new video, but her “springy, rhythmic way of moving” actually has its benefits. Prancercise creator Joanna Rohrback will have you walking in a gait that mimics a horse, sometimes using ankle and wrist weights, all while getting a credible cardio workout.

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