6 Ways Clubbing in Your 20s Prepped You for Cycling in Your 30s

Last week Shape.com ran an article that had me laughing out loud at my computer. It was basically a “Sure Signs You’re Over 30” story for fitness junkies and the assessment was spot-on. They wrote about how us older gals may be up at 5AM, but it’s to head out on a run, not to stumble home from a big night out. Or how massages are now a part of our maintenance routines, not just an occasional indulgence.

The article was truly amazing and a must-read for anyone who’s still going strong after the big 3-0. In fact, I couldn’t help but be inspired to think of my own amended version last night while in my favorite indoor cycling class. With the lights out and the music thumping I thought back to those fun nights 10+ years ago, which in no way resemble my “Game of Thrones” fueled evenings now.

Those were the days! But boy am I glad they’re over. At any rate, without further ado, here are 6 things that never change, whether you’re a dance club kid or an indoor cycling class queen!


cycle shorts

  1. In cycling class you still worry about what your butt looks like. Only now you’re wearing padded shorts which, let’s face it, don’t really flatter any figure.cycle water
  2. You still spill your drink on yourself on the bike. Only this time it’s water dribbling down your chin and onto your spandex top, not vodka red bull. Way less sticky!cycle


  3. You still whoop and holler when a great song comes on in the studio. But in the gym you know it means it’s time to grind gears up a hill whereas in the club it meant you would grind… well… never mind.instructor
  4. You can’t exactly hear what the cute guy is saying to you—in this case your instructor, who makes a lot of jokes during the ride—but you smile along anyway.cycle heels
  5. You still wear super tight and uncomfortable shoes. But at least cycling shoes don’t have heels! (At least not usually!)happy
  6. When you walk out of the room at the end of the night/ride you’re riding high. Of course it’s always been the endorphins giving you this boost, obviously!


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