9 Places You Can Workout Next to a Celebrity in LA, New York, and Chicago

OMG! It’s really them! That moment you realize you’ve identified a celebrity in the wild, out amongst mere mortals, living “just like us,” can be rather thrilling. For those who live in LA or NYC, it’s all too common to dine next to the hottest faces and grocery shop elbow to elbow with leading ladies, but for people in the other 48 states, running in to a celebrity on vacation is one of the souvenirs you hope to collect.

If you’re planning an active vacation this summer, hit these workout hot spots and you’re likely to sweat right alongside an OMG-moment-worthy celeb.

Picture or it didn’t happen, your friends will say after your excited tweet. But should you even let them know you know it’s them?

“When I see celebs in the gym, I think it’s poor personal etiquette to approach them during their workout,” advised Dan Flores, RTSm, a master personal trainer based in New York City. “I value my personal gym time and would hate to be interrupted. I would approach them after they were finished and on their way out of the gym.”

— New York City

heidi klum russell simmons

Central Park is no stranger to the rich and famous; in fact, it’s practically their cardio playground. Free to enter, take your morning run to one of the most famous landmarks in the world and you’re sure to spot a name or two worth bragging about. Heidi Klum, Russell Simmons, and Gwyneth Paltrow are on the extremely short list of A-listers you’ll run or down-dog along with!

The Mark Hotel has a state-of-the-art fitness facility that rivals any gym getting your membership fees. Book your stay here, and your workout may coincide with that of Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Larry David, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and even dignitaries like the President of France!

Bikram Yoga East Harlem is a boutique yoga spot specializing in the recently popularized art of hot yoga. Your practice may get even steamier with an Andrew McCarthy sighting. Depending on your generation, this means he was in Pretty in Pink or now directing Orange is the New Black

Soul Cycle in NYC is hard to to finish a class without spinning wheels next to at least one person with a verified Twitter account. Kelly Ripa, Anderson Cooper, and Katie Holmes are just a few names who frequent the upscale fitness class.

— Los Angeles —
maria sharapova

Manhattan Beach is good public place for spotting an elite list of professional athletes. Locals report frequent sightings of Kings and Lakers players working out in the sandy retreat just south of LAX. Other names you’ll find include Maria Sharapova, Matt Lienhart, and Landon Donovan. Running, yoga, cycling, volleyball, and surfing are just a few ways you’ll sweat alongside these heart-palpitating names.

Orange Theory Fitness in Brentwood is where you’ll find Brendan Ayanbadejo, who sports a Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl ring from 2024. We’re big fans of this boutique fitness shop with locations across the U.S.

Equinox has award-winning gyms throughout the U.S. and LA area, and therefore this elite fitness center is frequented by the area’s most famous names. Regulars in Woodland Hills have included Marlin Wayans, Vida Guerra, Chris Tucker, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Alec Baldwin, and LeAnn Rimes. Head to the West Hollywood location to see former Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz, Will.I.Am, and Jesse Metcalf.

Crunch is home to another big Biggest Loser name. Trainer Bob Harper leaves the ranch occasionally to teach the rest of us how to properly take a spin bike class. In fact, he says he taught Jillian Michaels how to do it! Follow his Facebook or Twitter for updates when he rides in the teacher seat. If he’s not teaching, you may still ride alongside the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, and Drew Barrymore!

— Chicago —


East Bank Club in Chicago is just as rich in celebrity DNA as it is long-winded politicians! With close to 12,000 members, this “fancy pants” fitness center counts names like Oprah, Billie Jean King, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Rahm Emanuel as some of its most notable.


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